How to Make the Most of Precious Leisure Time

How to Make the Most of Precious Leisure Time

When you come home from work at your small-medium business, all exhausted and depleted, the last thing you want to do is more thinking. You wish to relax and cut loose, which for most people involves zoning out and watching some TV or joining friends at the pub to relax and unwind.

Is this really the best approach to utilize free time? Leisure time is a great opportunity to explore and learn; the feeling of discovery that communicates learning is rejuvenating and enabling. If you succumb to laziness and fill your leisure time with pointless and mindless activities, you are forfeiting one of the most important aspects of your life- your individuality. Leisure time is the only time you get for self-development and if you are running low on leisure time it may be a good idea to consider business coaching to relieve the weight that work bears upon you. Below are a few hints that will assist you in filling leisure intelligently.

Be active: Should you plant yourself on the Sofa Shortly after getting home, odds are you will stay there all evening. By remaining busy, you keep your body and mind active. Hitting the gym after work will immediately enhance your energy. It will also help you to unwind from the day’s stresses and improve your fitness. Another way to fill your leisure time is to go for a walk, get some exercise and gather your ideas in the meantime. By being active, you will discover a new energy you thought you never had.

hookah vs shisha

Study a topic that interests you: Many children grow up quitting school since they are made to study topics they don’t have any interest in. Researching a topic you need to know about is entertaining and enlightening. By developing your knowledge you can become more creative and even open up new career opportunities and improve your business.

Limit your TV time: TV is a fantastic form of entertainment, but I’m sure that most of us can agree that most programs are garbage. Chances are you switch on the TV and flip through the countless channels to find nothing appealing. Minimize TV time by looking ahead and picking out your favorite must-watch programs and only watch TV for those programs. This will leave you more time to socialize. For instance, you can join an online chat with your friends to talk about random stuff and simply connect with them. You can talk about hookah vs shisha to give hints on what you would like to do next weekend. If you want to explore shisha hookah place, then it would be good to take someone with you, as having a friend around can always elevate the experience.

Discover a great hobby: A hobby is a wonderful way to develop abilities and socialize with different people. Several of them can also create income, such as selling craft items. A hobby builds on itself. You start out knowing nothing and slowly develop a repertoire of abilities. Even if these abilities are not particularly helpful, the procedure makes it possible to understand how to find out. If it starts to feel more like work than leisure, try to take a short break to do something you enjoy. For example, you can look for cigars online for different flavors to try. There’s a wide variety of Cigars Online in Australia that you can look for to enjoy during your me time and then get back to work.

Prevent damaging time sinks: Activities such as gambling can engage the mind in strategic thinking, but it soon becomes an addiction and does more harm than good. If you feel yourself getting hooked on an addictive activity, pull yourself away. Your leisure time should be filled with productive activities, not harmful, life-consuming activities.

All in all, leisure time is a time for self-development and improvement; you should always allocate leisure time out of your busy schedule to learn and evolve. If you struggle to find leisure time, it will be valuable to seek advice from a mentor or your close friend on how to manage your time efficiently to balance your personal and professional life.

Interior Design Trends That Never Fade

Interior Design Trends That Never Fade

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go with remarkable speed. What is considered fashionable today might become outdated tomorrow. However, amid this constant flux, there are certain interior design elements and concepts that have proven to be timeless. These enduring design principles not only withstand the test of time but also continue to captivate and inspire homeowners, decorators, and designers alike. These are some enduring interior design trends that never seem to fade away:

Minimalism: Less is More

Minimalism is a design philosophy that champions simplicity, clean lines, and a clutter-free aesthetic. It emphasises the idea that “less is more,” focusing on the essentials and eliminating excess. The minimalist approach creates serene and uncluttered spaces that stand the test of time.

One of the key benefits of minimalism is its ability to adapt to changing tastes and trends. Minimalist interiors are like blank canvases that can easily accommodate new colours, textures, or decorative elements without losing their fundamental elegance. This versatility makes minimalism an enduring and timeless design trend.

Neutral Colour Palettes

aluminium screensNeutral colour palettes have a timeless appeal that transcends fads and fashions. Colours like white, beige, grey, and muted earth tones create a sense of calm and sophistication in any space. These hues serve as the perfect backdrop for a wide range of design styles, from traditional to modern.

Neutral colours are also incredibly versatile, allowing homeowners to update their interior spaces with ease. A neutral base can be enhanced and personalised by adding colourful accents through accessories, artwork, or furnishings. This adaptability makes neutral colour palettes a timeless choice for interior design.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality always trumps quantity when it comes to timeless interior design. Investing in well-crafted, durable furniture and materials is a key principle that never goes out of style. Time-tested materials like hardwood, natural stone, and high-quality fabrics not only look better with age but also have the resilience to withstand daily wear and tear.

In contrast to disposable furniture and fast fashion, timeless interior design values pieces that can be passed down through generations. The longevity of these well-made items adds depth and character to a space, creating a sense of history and timelessness.

Natural Elements and Materials

Bringing the outdoors inside is a design trend that never fades. Incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and plants into interior spaces connects us to the beauty of the natural world. These elements evoke a sense of tranquillity and timelessness.

Wood, in particular, is a timeless material that has been used in interior design for centuries. Its warmth, texture, and versatility make it a perennial favourite. Whether it’s hardwood floors, wooden furniture, or exposed ceiling beams, wood adds depth and character to any space.

Aluminium cladding also offers a modern and durable solution for exterior facades. Aluminium screens, on the other hand, can be used to introduce both privacy and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly blending functionality with a touch of contemporary design.

Classic Architectural Details

Architectural details such as crown moulding, wainscoting, and coffered ceilings are classic design elements that have endured for generations. These details add depth and dimension to walls and ceilings, creating an elegant and timeless look.

These architectural features are often associated with traditional design styles, but they can also be adapted to suit more contemporary interiors. Their enduring appeal lies in their ability to lend a sense of refinement and craftsmanship to a space.

Timeless Artwork and Decor

Art and decor play a significant role in shaping the ambience of a room. While art trends may come and go, timeless artwork and decor have a universal appeal that transcends eras. Pieces of art that evoke emotion and reflect personal taste can remain captivating for a lifetime.

Investing in original artwork or timeless decor items like antique mirrors, vintage rugs, or handmade ceramics can infuse a space with character and individuality. These items not only tell a story but also add a layer of timelessness to your interior.

Functional Design

Timeless interior design prioritises functionality and practicality to achieve the right balance. Furniture and layouts that optimise functionality contribute to the timelessness of a design.

Functional design is also sustainable design. By carefully considering the layout and organisation of a space, you can minimise waste and create a home that stands the test of time. Timeless interiors are designed to be lived in and enjoyed, making them both beautiful and functional.

Personalisation and Sentimentality

While timeless interior design often adheres to certain principles and aesthetics, it also allows for personalisation and sentimentality. Incorporating meaningful objects, heirlooms, or items collected over time can make a space feel truly unique and timeless.

These personal touches add warmth and character to a home, making it a reflection of the homeowner’s life journey and experiences. A timeless interior should not only look good but also feel like a welcoming and personal sanctuary.

By incorporating these elements into your home, you can create spaces that stand the test of time and continue to inspire for generations to come. So, when it comes to interior design, remember that true timelessness is about creating spaces that evolve with grace and style.

Revamp Your Space With DIY Interior Projects

Revamp Your Space With DIY Interior Projects

Your home reflects your personality and style, and what better way to express yourself than through do-it-yourself (DIY) interior projects? DIY projects are a fantastic option if you’re looking to refresh a tired space, add a personal touch, or save money on home improvements. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of DIY home interior projects that you can tackle to revamp every room in your house.


  1. Outdoor Oasis: DIY Garden Path


Unlock your DIY potential in the great outdoors by embarking on the journey of constructing a garden path. Lay down pavers, bricks, or stones to create a functional and visually pleasing walkway in your garden. Enhance the garden path with durable, stylish wire outdoor furniture, offering comfort amid lush landscaping and soothing lighting for a tranquil outdoor oasis.welded mesh


  1. Living Room Bliss: DIY Floating Shelves


Moving into the heart of the home, the living room, we can add a touch of elegance and practicality with DIY floating shelves. These shelves not only provide extra storage but also give you a chance to display your favourite books, artwork, and decorations. You can choose from various designs and finishes to complement your living room’s style.


  1. Kitchen Creativity: DIY Open Shelving


In the kitchen, open shelving is a popular trend that’s also functional. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and hello to stylish and accessible storage. You can install open shelves yourself with a few brackets and wooden planks. Arrange your cookware, dishes, and spices in an organized and visually appealing way.


  1. Bedroom Retreat: DIY Headboard


Your bedroom is your sanctuary; a DIY headboard can instantly transform it into a cozy retreat. Create a unique headboard using reclaimed wood, fabric, or even a painted mural. This project allows you to add a personal touch to your space and can be as simple or intricate as you desire.


  1. Bathroom Beauty: DIY Vanity Makeover


Bathrooms are often overlooked for DIY projects, but a simple vanity makeover can make a big difference. You can repaint or refinish an existing vanity, replace hardware, and even add a new countertop for a fresh look. Consider updating the mirror and lighting fixtures to complete the transformation.


  1. Home Office Heaven: DIY Desk Organizer


As an increasing number of individuals opt for remote work arrangements, the importance of maintaining an organized home office becomes paramount. Create a DIY desk organizer to keep your workspace tidy and efficient. Consider using welded mesh to add a modern and industrial touch to your DIY desk organizer, providing a unique organizational solution for your home office essentials.


  1. Nursery Delight: DIY Wall Decals


Spruce up the nursery with DIY wall decals. These removable stickers come in various shapes, colours, and themes, allowing you to create a personalized and visually stimulating environment for your little one. Plus, they are easy to apply and remove, making it a versatile and temporary decor option.


  1. Entryway Elegance: DIY Console Table


Let’s start our DIY journey in the entryway, the guests’ first impression of your home. Building a stylish console table is a great way to spruce up this space. You can create a functional and beautiful piece of furniture with a few essential tools, some lumber, and a bit of creativity. Customize the finish to match your décor, and don’t forget to add a few hooks or a small shelf for keys and other essentials.



  1. Basement Bonus: DIY Home Theatre


Consider turning it into a home theatre if you have an unfinished basement. DIY this project by installing drywall, painting the walls, and adding comfortable seating and audiovisual equipment. You can have a private cinema experience right in your home with some creativity and effort.


  1. Backyard Beauty: DIY Fire Pit


Lastly, let’s focus on the backyard, where you can create a cozy gathering spot with a DIY fire pit. Dig a hole, add some bricks or stones, and you have a functional fire pit to enjoy evenings with family and friends. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and create lasting memories around your homemade fire pit.


Incorporating DIY home interior projects into your living space allows you to personalize your home and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. These projects span various rooms and styles, catering to both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts. As you embark on your DIY journey, remember to prioritize safety, plan your projects carefully, and seek assistance when needed. With time and effort, you can transform your living space into a place that truly reflects your unique personality and style.

Zombie Makeup Ideas to Try in 2023

Zombie Makeup Ideas to Try in 2023

Zombie makeup has been a perennial favorite among Halloween enthusiasts for years, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something undeniably thrilling about transforming into The Walking Dead, with gruesome wounds, rotting flesh, and a hunger for brains. As we approach 2023, the world of zombie makeup continues to evolve, offering even more creative and terrifying possibilities. Whether you’re gearing up for a Halloween party, a cosplay event, or simply want to unleash your inner zombie, here are some exciting zombie makeup ideas to try this year.

Classic Zombie

The classic zombie look never goes out of style. To achieve this timeless undead appearance, start with a pale base and then add dark circles around your eyes to create a sunken effect. Use dark eyeshadows to enhance the hollows of your cheeks and temples. Don’t forget to add fake blood for that freshly fed-on-human look. Tear some old clothes, smear them with dirt, and complete the ensemble with tattered clothing for that authentic zombie apocalypse vibe.

Corpse Bride Zombie

white contactsCombining elements of classic Halloween characters, the Corpse Bride Zombie is both eerie and beautiful. Achieve a ghostly, ethereal appearance by putting on a pale base, then accentuate your eyes with dark, dramatic makeup. For an added touch of haunting elegance, consider using colored contact lenses Halloween that have special texture or an effect that can elevate your look. Enhance the ghostly effect with silver or white highlights and use body paint to mimic the look of tattered bridal attire. Add some fake flowers to your hair for that hauntingly romantic touch.

Zombie Joker

For a twist on the traditional zombie, why not try a Zombie Joker look? Start with the classic Joker makeup, featuring a pale face with green hair and dark, smudged eye makeup. Then, add gruesome zombie elements, such as exposed wounds, rotting flesh, and blood splatters. This mashup creates a uniquely horrifying and instantly recognizable look.

Cyberpunk Zombie

Incorporate a futuristic twist into your zombie makeup with a Cyberpunk Zombie. Begin with a metallic base color, such as silver or chrome, to give your skin a robotic, otherworldly appearance. Then, add traditional zombie elements like wounds, exposed bones, and dripping blood. To complete the look, add cybernetic enhancements with metallic body paint, wires, and LED lights, turning yourself into a high-tech zombie from the future.

Day of the Dead Zombie

Combine the vibrant colors and intricate designs of the Day of the Dead with the gruesome features of a zombie to create a striking and unique look. Start with a white base and use colorful face paints to create intricate sugar skull patterns on your face. To enhance the otherworldly aura, consider adding white contacts to your eyes. Then, add zombie elements like exposed bones, wounds, and decayed flesh. The contrast between the vibrant colors and the gruesome details makes for a visually stunning and spooky ensemble.

Zombie Pirate

Bring a touch of swashbuckling horror to your zombie makeup with a Zombie Pirate look. Begin with a tattered pirate costume and add traditional pirate accessories like an eye patch, a bandana, and a cutlass. Then, apply makeup to create a weathered, sunken appearance with dark, hollowed eyes and decaying features. Finish the look with seaweed, barnacles, and even a fake parrot for an undead pirate captain vibe.

Toxic Zombie

Imagine the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world where toxic waste has transformed the living into the undead. To create a Toxic Zombie look, start with a green or sickly yellow base to mimic the effects of radiation poisoning. Add fake boils, blisters, and bubbling skin using liquid latex and body paint. Incorporate glowing effects with UV-reactive makeup or body paint for a chilling, radioactive touch.

Zombie Animal

Why limit your zombie creativity to humans? Transform yourself into a Zombie Animal, whether it’s a zombie cat, dog, or any creature of your choice. Start with a base that matches the animal’s fur or scales and add realistic zombie features like exposed bones, torn flesh, and blood. Don’t forget to incorporate the animal’s distinctive features, such as ears, tails, or beaks, into the undead look.

Zombie Clown

Clowns are already unsettling to many, but a Zombie Clown takes the horror to a whole new level. Begin with the typical clown makeup: exaggerated features, colorful patterns, and a red nose. Then, add zombie elements like rotting flesh, torn clothing, and gruesome wounds. The juxtaposition of cheerful clown makeup and horrifying zombie features creates a truly disturbing and unforgettable look.

Retro Zombie

Step back in time with a Retro-Zombie look inspired by different eras. Whether you choose the 1920s, 1950s, or any other period, adapt the makeup and clothing style accordingly. Use black-and-white or sepia tones for a vintage effect, and add traditional zombie elements to complete the look. This creative twist on zombie makeup allows you to explore various time periods while embracing the undead aesthetic.

Whether you opt for the classic zombie look or venture into uncharted territory with a futuristic, retro, or themed approach, the key is to have fun while unleashing your inner zombie and bringing your undead fantasies to life. So, grab your makeup brushes, unleash your creativity, and get ready to spook and amaze everyone with your terrifyingly awesome zombie makeup.

Mix and Match with Kitchen Bar Stools

Mix and Match with Kitchen Bar Stools

The eclectic homewares style has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s all about mixing and matching different styles, eras, and materials to create a unique and personalised look. One way to incorporate this style into your home is by adding kitchen bar stools with backs that add character, style, and functionality to any space.

When it comes to kitchen bar stools with backs, many options are available. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your home. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional design, you can find bar stools that cater to your style.

One of the advantages of kitchen bar stools with backs is their versatility. They can be used in various spaces, including kitchens, dining rooms, and bars. You can also use them as additional seating or as a decorative element to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Incorporating eclectic homewares into your home is all about breaking the rules and exploring possibilities. You can add character and personality to your home with kitchen bar stools with backs. Mix and match different styles to create a unique look that reflects your style.

For instance, you can pair a vintage or rustic dining table with modern bar stools to create an eclectic look that is both stylish and functional. If you have a minimalist kitchen, you can add some character by choosing bar stools with colourful cushions or unique designs.

kitchen bar stools with backs

When choosing kitchen bar stools with backs, it’s important to consider the material. If you have kids or pets, you may want to choose stools that are durable and easy to clean. Metal and plastic stools are a great option for this. However, if you want a more luxurious look, you can opt for leather or velvet bar stools.

Colour is another factor to consider when choosing kitchen bar stools with backs. If you have a neutral colour scheme, you can add some character by choosing stools with bright colours or bold patterns. Alternatively, if you have a colourful home, you can choose stools that complement the existing colour palette.

Incorporating eclectic homewares into your home is all about being creative and breaking the rules. When it comes to kitchen bar stools with backs, you have endless possibilities to choose from. By mixing and matching different styles, materials, and colours, you can create a unique and personalised look that reflects your personality and style.

In conclusion, kitchen bar stools with backs are an excellent choice for adding character and style to your home. They are versatile, functional, and offer endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching with different styles. When choosing bar stools, consider the overall style of your home, the material, and the colour to create an eclectic look that reflects your personality and style. With the right kitchen bar stools with backs, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and create a unique and personalised look.

Tips To Host A Successful Poker Night

Tips To Host A Successful Poker Night

Holding a poker night can be a little daunting. Whether you are beginning a new poker game in your community, or have been arranging it with friends many times over the years, the aim of this article is to give you all the inspiration you need to make your poker nights a success. 


Planning is the first step to any successful poker night; take out time, and decide on all the factors that will be important in making your poker night successful. Planning regarding food and drink is essential, deciding whether you will provide Cuban cigars and expensive alcohol, and deciding who to invite which friends or relatives is another key step. And of course, checking up your schedule related to work and meetings, as you wouldn’t like to cancel the poker night because you have a prior engagement but just haven’t checked your calendar.

Your space, table and seating

The primary question you need to ask yourself is how many people you are inviting and whether your space can comfortably accommodate them. It would be uncomfortable and awkward to arrange seven people on a table of 6, so noting all these small things is important to make your poker night a success. 

Ensure you have sufficient seating for guests. Maybe one or more of your guests are overweight or obese? If so, reconsider buying in some heavy-duty seats. Visualize the humiliation of having a heavy player entering last in your party and discovering that the single-seat left is one of those more affordable folding chairs that would collapse under the weight of a small poodle. It’s these little considerations that go a long way in making your poker night a good experience for your guests.

Foods For The Poker Party

Decide in advance, which appetizers, staples, and desserts to make, and buy all the ingredients. Then follow the recipe, whether it’s a vegetable salad or mushroom risotto, whatever you like. Choose some recipes that are simple to create and not overly time-consuming to prepare. Here are some suggestions:

  • Grill Out

Making some burgers, hot dogs, or floaters on the barbecue is a certain way to make your visitors pleased.

  • Handy Snacks

Stock up on handy snacks like chips, popcorn, and nuts ready in a tray to deal with the quick hunger caused by poker game stress. You wouldn’t want your guests to bite their nails off while playing!

  • Takeaway 

If you don’t feel like cooking, then order something that everyone would love to have, like pizza and soft drinks; this would give your game a party turn and make it even more enjoyable.

Also consider the extra treats you’d like to spoil guests with such as cigars and order the cigars online ahead of time so you’re all prepared.

Quality Essentials

Buy good quality poker accessories. A strong, comfortable, and appealing poker table will fascinate everyone to play and make them desire to visit again.

Plan The Game Format

Be certain to let everyone know precisely what game you will be playing and explain the rules before starting. This will avoid things going awry mid-game.

Make It Friendly

Whether your friends or relatives are new to poker or professionals, try to maintain a healthy and friendly environment throughout the game. Remember it’s just a recreational activity and a chance to catch up with people socially.

To maintain a friendly and healthy play, make sure the buy-in amount is not much and at a comfortable level. Remember, this poker night is for fun and not for serious poker faces.

Cigar experience over cigarette

Cigar experience over cigarette

Although the pace of smoking has been increasing, most men and women still like tobacco.

In tobacco, cigars are more popular than cigarettes with men because of the pleasure brought by its fragrance. It was Columbus who brought cigars back to Europe for the Spanish royal family very early. People who are cigar fans, know that when enjoying cigars peacefully, your soul also sublimates and settles with the fog of cigar. It is a known fact that smoking cigars is a pursuit of status and quality of life.

Reward yourself

There is no doubt that for true cigar fans, cigars are a reward for themselves. Many people have regarded cigars as a symbol of power and majesty. In Cuba, the country of cigars, there is a saying: “I feel like the king of the world when I enjoy a cigar. “What is more suitable than the satisfaction of a king to reward yourself when you are in a good mood? And even in a bad mood, a cigar would do the work of changing that for you.

Cigarettes are considered harmful by many, and regular usage often causes health complications. Whereas cigars are a natural alternative, and no cigar smokers ever inhale the smoke. Mature men choose cigars to reward themselves. It’s because a cigar soaked in the sun and rain is like red wine. With the mellow quality, it brings people a rich fragrance and a lasting aftertaste. Cigarettes don’t smell great; we all know that. And the after smell is always around the chain-smokers.

A Frenchman once praised cigars as one of the supreme enjoyments. A famous analogy has been popular among cigar fans: For men, cigars are more like lovers. This is because a man holding a cigar is like carrying a charming female companion. It can’t win your envious eyes and give you more comfort and thoughtfulness that belongs only to you. Cigars have been associated with royal personalities, but cigarettes are a common choice of many. A good cigar would depend on the flavor. The Cuban cigar is considered most appealing by people around the world.

Cuban Cigar
Lady with a Cuban cigar

Introspection and relaxation

Cigarettes are used when people are stressed. Whereas Cigar is more associated with the relaxation. The pleasure of cigars is far more than just the senses. What really fascinates many enthusiasts is the cigar smoking time alone with oneself. The media once summarized the six characteristics of men who like to smoke cigars: Mature, rich, refined, calm, able to enjoy loneliness, and cherish friendship.

To use the living words of a cigar fan: “This is a pause.” Think about some issues that have nothing to do with material desire and utility. Cigar smoking is a peaceful activity; people sit down for a smoke comfortably. It is considered as a process of meditation and not just a process of experiencing the joy of using a cigar

Anyone who knows how to enjoy cigars understands that cigars are not inhaled into the lungs like cigarettes. In between warm and inhaling, the taste of the cigar stays in the mouth. Let the smoke surround you again. You can often feel a pleasant “trance”. This is the best moment for you to think carefully. A cigar humidor helps monitor humidity levels and keep your cigars intact. Sharing or enjoying a cigar alone is considered a wonderful thing. However, when cigars become a common hobby amongst friends they become a topic of discussion.

It was also concluded that most people who smoke cigars are generous. People who have never met can often become friends because of cigars.


How Recreational SMEs Become Successful

How Recreational SMEs Become Successful

According to the Institute of Business in Australia, successful SME owners of profitable companies are strategists that work with a competent team of employees. When small business entrepreneurs boost customer satisfaction, it attracts more leads and profits. Globally, recreational SMEs create employment for non-skilled and skilled workers. Apart from evaluating the objectives of SME businesses, this article offers factors that determine their long-term goals.

Planning and Management

Running a business without feasibility is a surefire way to failure. In business management, we are taught that small companies achieve success when entrepreneurs have a growth mindset. However, planning is essential in the management of small and medium enterprises. It is advised that early on when establishing your business you speak with business management consultants to ensure your strategy is solid.

Have Passion for Your Business

Being passionate about your business idea is a smart way to start that SME plan. Usually, passionate entrepreneurs are consistent in what they do. The early periods of a business startup are essential. During this period, SME owners that are not passionate about their business might not survive the challenges. However, entrepreneurs that are persistent during adversities will overcome, and they often have a never give up attitude. If you are an adrenaline seeker, create a niche business such as an adult zipline, or if you love the water set up swimming classes. 

Hire the Right Team

A team of employees that collaborates with management can make their business productive. However, small and medium business owners need to attract the right talents. These companies can implement workplace policies that create opportunities for employees. With this culture, it will be easy to spot potential employees that are suitable for respective job roles. Workers often need training, especially if the recreational business is dangerous. For example, an employee running a shockwave adventure must be highly trained in safety.

Take Ownership

The concept that every person in your workforce takes ownership is essential for promoting SMEs. When people take ownership of work processes and responsibilities, it shows dependability. The absence of a team member in your unit should affect the flow of work or productivity. Usually, employees with the mindset of collaborating as a team are often ready to accept responsibilities. As the company grows, this attitude prepares employees to take leadership and management roles.

Integrate Digital Technology

Developing a culture of continuous improvement can help small businesses. Usually, companies depend on digital technology to improve their visibility. With functional websites and social media platforms, SME owners can promote and sell their goods. Also, digital tools like hardware and software programs can help workers perform their tasks efficiently. When starting a small enterprise, business IT specialists recommend the integration of digital technology in departments like finance and customer service.

Apply Hands-On Experience

As an entrepreneur, upgrading your skills and applying hands-on experience is essential. Usually, budget preparation for new businesses requires financial planning and management skills. Entrepreneurs can acquire financial management skills from consultants. With other skills, they can develop the hands-on experience that applies to critical areas of their company.

Collaborate With Partners

Sometimes, entrepreneurs need partners with shared interests to build their brand. Also, collaboration is a cost-effective way of running SMEs. There must be innovative ideas that simplify work processes. Creating a value chain can improve the company’s profitability. However, the guidance of business lawyers can help SME owners to avoid unnecessary challenges that come with partnerships and mergers.

Ensure Continuous Evaluation

Access your workflow methods and organisational policies if you want the business to succeed. Usually, successful SME owners consider the scalability of their business. They understand the need for businesses to grow at different stages. Without taking their eyes off the vision, they evaluate and improve methods that guarantee efficiency. 

As a stakeholder in a top-rated distribution business, evaluating the supply chain involves feedback from retailers and consumers. Their inputs are valuable because entrepreneurs can detect any weaknesses in their business processes.


Team Building Activities For A Business

Team Building Activities For A Business

Businesses live and breathe because of their employees. Without the extraordinary talents of these hardworking people, it would be impossible to reach success. But there comes a time where productivity starts to diminish. Putting it in Layman’s terms, momentum lapses as time goes by. The longer somebody stays in a company, the more motivation reduces at a significant rate. This results in a plateau, where efficiency, creativity, and productivity halt. In order to prevent this from occurring, team building is encouraged and is often one of the key approaches business management consultants use to address motivation. Here are some activities that could help a business team to remain driven.

Office Trivia

Office trivia benefits those who are new to the team. Divide participants into groups, making sure you combine the old, experienced employees with the new, fresh members. While this is helpful as an icebreaker, this tandem instantly facilitates bonding. You can do this at in-office parties, or in a team-building retreat or outing, such as a team-building high ropes course in Victoria or an office trip to a winery in Adelaide. 


This not only accounts for a team player’s physical capacity, but also their psychological drive to win. It’s great for business development teams as it exercises their sales planning skills. As the teams work together in each task, they develop social skills on how to communicate ideas, encouragement, and strategies, much like how they would at work. Except it is in a different setting. Team leaders may be identified from these activities. And your team would become aware of their differences. To win, they have to accept these along with their strengths and weaknesses to be able to work around this.


You know that a team building session went well if your employees learned a thing or two about leadership and working together. A cook-off encourages all of this in addition to creativity, presentation and learning a thing or two about their officemates. Cooking speaks a lot about a person’s culture, heritage, and tradition. It is also a talent that is rarely shared but is quite impressive. So, in a cook-off, your employees get to learn a lot of things about each other. Traits like being family-oriented, hardworking and patient are the ones that arise most commonly. These are essential soft skills that could be used now and then at work. There’s a lot of benefits your company can get from a cook-off. Besides the fact that they learn to work together, you are sure to have an improved set of employees after. It’s a whole lot different than any usual team-building activity. Since you all enjoy the food afterwards, in that regard, everybody is a winner.

War games

This may be with the use of paintballs or pellets. This is another kind of game that will push your employees into applying their strategic abilities. This may be applied to however big your team is. They just have to be divided into two groups. Whichever team emerges with the most members still standing (meaning not shot), they are crowned as the winning team. You may need to hide, crawl, attack, take a risk and cover somebody when going across the field to put an opponent down. So it’s a play of honesty, sportsmanship, dexterity and stealth mode. For sure, your employees will not just have fun, but also will be working with each other more comfortably as they come back to the office first thing Monday.

All of these suggestions will renew your team, whether you end up choosing a flying fox park or cooking. Because of these fun and exciting team-building activities, the work-life balance gets restored. It’s good to have something to do and share besides work tasks. Also, it extracts social skills from each employee. Once established, their working relationships become sturdier for the long haul.

Sustainability And Sports

Sustainability And Sports

Greta Thunberg, a teenage activist, started her cause of waking up people in authority to do something about the threatening climate change. She expressed an aggressive shout out to those who she deemed, “Thieves of her youth”. For her, since it seems the grave danger concerning global warming, is ignored, how come no politician has initiated any effort on it? And while she is just a teenager, all that she could do is to voice out this frustration by speaking in climate change conferences, ride the boat instead of flying to get into places, and to encourage others to walk with her on a strike called, ‘School Strike For The Climate.’

The main idea in her talks is a message that all of us seem to know how the earth is dying but we choose not to help, that we can partake in our little ways. Examples of how we can do so are the following:

  • individually, by reducing our rubbish
  • as a family, by developing good habits in reducing, recycling, and reusing
  • as an organization, through clean-ups, by creating a movement, or taking part in educating people about it
  • as an industry, using the platforms they are in to create more awareness

As was aforementioned, collective effort from all kinds of industries and organisations are needed. Amongst one of these industries is the sports industry. Sports brands and even sports venues such as the Melbourne Stadium are expected to play a part in sustainability.

Sustainability And Sports

Recently, efforts were felt as brands embraced sustainability in selling their products. Also, they become aggressive in climate change campaigns through the slogan that comes with their advertisements. Some of those worth mentioning are:

  1. When NIKE took over Adidas reign over the NBA jerseys, they have released what their jerseys will be made up of in 2017. The NBA jerseys will be made up of a blend of fabric that will include polyester made up of recycled plastic water bottles. Each uniform, meaning the jersey and the shorts, will approximately need 20 discarded bottles. To make a new yarn, these bottles are reclaimed then melted down.
  2. Fèdèration Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the official international governing body for all forms of volleyball, aims to participate in saving our oceans by working closely with Dutch NGO Ghost Fishing in removing discarded nets. The head of FIVB’s marketing, Anna Sarafianou, called it the Good Net Project, which aims to create volleyball nets out of this supposed rubbish that always ends up left in the ocean.
  1. Football club Real Betis becomes the first La Liga club to show initiatives in leading sports teams and sports administrations, brands, and unions in going green as it signed up for the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative. It gets recognized as the first Green Team in the world, not because of its uniform but because of the cause, it considers to work with their brand. Real Betis commits to sustainable practices to relieve the earth from global warming by reducing its carbon emission. In building their training grounds which also hosts stadium events, it will count on solar panels for energy production. All 50,000 sq. meter academy is fully designed to be fully climate neutral. From its waste management, usage of electricity and water, and finally, efficiently utilizing remaining space to plant a small forest will be focused on preserving the environment. The club, in general, will be fully implementing smart illuminating systems along with usage of sustainable water bottles instead of drinking from single-use plastic ones in their Benito Villamarin Stadium.

All of these efforts will count. And as the sports industry realizes how big of a platform they have, where it serves as the ultimate waterhole where people come together and talk, interact, support their teams passionately, laugh, and cry. It’s just a great idea that this community be used to propagate awareness regarding environmental issues. If people could see their sports idols practising earth care, more or less, they will do the same. 

Top 5 School Holiday Activities For Sydney Kids

Top 5 School Holiday Activities For Sydney Kids

The holidays are the most awaited time of the year for the students of Sydney as summer or winter holidays stay for long. The holidays are the time when kids love to do new and creative things. It becomes necessary for the parents to plan and arrange different activities for the kids to utilize the free time of the kids and give them a memorable experience. Indoor games and learning activities are great for the development of the kinds, which are preferred by most of the parents. Still, it is worth noting that these activities aren’t sufficient for your kids unless you arrange some adventures and exciting outings for them. The reason behind that is the students are outgoing and love to visit new places or experience something new. These holiday activities leave a significant impact on the kind and enhance their knowledge over the break. So are you as excited as we are for the holidays now? Check the school term calendar for when you can plan your awesome days out with your kids this year. 


The best activities for the kids of Sydney during the holidays

Along with the indoor activities, plan some outdoor activities for the kids as well for better productivity. 

The best place to entertain the kinds of Sydney is an Adventure Park because the little ones love to play with water in summer. A popular park for families is Sydney’s Manly Surf n’ Slide Park. The best choice for waterside fun as this park has rides for the kids, fun water slides, Ferris wheel for the families, mini-golf, archery, paddle boat, grand carousel, water jets and many other fun activities. These cool waterpark activities are the best way to refresh your kids and give them a summer they won’t forget. 

The best activity to educate your kind about the animals and wildlife is to take them to the Open Range Zoo known as Taronga Western Plains Zoo about 6 hours away from the heart of Sydney. In this way, the kid will get to know about some new animal about which they have never seen. Along with finding out about new animals, they will come to know about the lives of these animals and what makes each one unique. Try to tell your kids about the specific features of the animals to make it a learning experience for the kids. 

The seaside or the beaches are the best places to spend some time in the summer holidays. The Marley beach and Bondi Beach in Sydney are suitable beaches for the kids to swim sunbath and water surf. These are some spots around beaches where the kids can enjoy fishing as well. The kid can make mud crafts and can collect shells from the seashore that can develop the habit of collecting things, which is a healthy activity for the kids. 

Another fun activity for the whole family in the holidays can be gardening, as this is good to teach them about the importance of plants and why they are essential for life on earth. Its activity can be a little dirty, but all fair play as it is summertime, so let them enjoy their days carefree. Tell them about the process of planning a plant and the ways to take care of the plants and flowers. Engage them in the gardening throughout their summer vacations.

javascript code in atomIf your kid is not a fan of the outdoors, there are also indoor school holiday programs running. Particularly, coding camps funded by the government, with student internships for university students to teach your little ones new puzzle-solving and logic skills. There’s no better way to engage your child’s brilliant mind by showing them the magic of technology.


Pay an adventurous visit to the city on bicycles. There’s nothing like a good bike ride together. Touring the Sydney city on a bicycle will help the young ones explore and know more about it all the while keeping them fit and active all day.

All these activities mentioned above can make your holidays a memorable experience. If you’re, however, going to be busy, you can find and send a Sydney nanny to accompany your children on their outings this summer. The nanny can take photos and make collages with the kids to come out the holidays with an album of awesome experiences.

The Best Pool Players of All Time

The Best Pool Players of All Time

The game of pool, known as Pool Billiards in Australia and Pocket Billiards in North America is one of the most sophisticated and stylish games in the world

Pool is considered a cue game and, to some, a sport. Some of the best pool players are not only earning fame but also chunks of money. Played on a pool table with pockets along the sides the game has different versions like the eight-ball and nine-balls. 

So let’s take a look at some of the top pool players of all time and their achievements.

The Pearl

black and white pool tableEarl Strickland, an American professional pool player who was nicknamed ‘The Pearl’ and is considered one of the best pool players of all time. 

Apart from the numerous championship titles, Strickland has become famous as one of the most controversial players for his volatile behaviour and outspoken views.

Earl came in winning the US open nine-ball championship five times and happens to be the only player to win the WPA nine-ball championship twice consecutively. He won the Turning stone XXL championship in the year 2013. He earned his place in the congress of billiards in America’s hall of fame in 2006. 

William Joseph Mosconi 

A professional pool and billiards player William Mosconi who won the straight pool championship and happened to be unmatched fifteen times between the year 1941 and 1957. William has earned a nickname ‘Mr pocket billiards’ right after he pioneered and gained numerous trick shots. 

His name was almost synonymous with the North American pool. He made contributions to help popularise pool as a national activity of recreation. Mosconi holds the highest world record of consecutive balls scored at 526

In 1966, He was one of the first three inducted into the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame. Mosconi also worked on a 1961 film “The Hustler” with Paul Newman as the technical advisor. That film played a leading role in creating the boom in the popularity of pool.

Ralph Greenleaf

An American pool and Carom Billiards player Greenleaf earnt many praises as a dominant pool player in his days. Greenleaf’s fame came from his ability and charisma. Greenleaf is the winner of the world pocket billiards championship a whopping twenty times. 

He contested in the game of regular pool which varied in the formats from competition to competition. He was also one of the first three inductees in the congress American Hall Of Fame for billiards in 1966. The Billiards Digest Magazine has placed Greenleaf right in third place on their list of the 50 greatest players of the century.

To get your name on the list, you need to have dedication and motivation to become one of the best players. There are plenty of pro tips out there to help with your game of pool. 

If you are starting to ensure you know everything there is to know about what pool equipment is best for beginners from cues and table to the balls and the chalk. Once you have a grasp on the basics, you can start working up the ladder until you reach championship material. It won’t take long if you are persistent and stay true to the game.

Best Museums and Fine Art Galleries in Australia

Best Museums and Fine Art Galleries in Australia

Art and culture are among the finest of things that define Australia as a continent. For this reason, there are several museums and Fine Art galleries scattered in different sections of the country. The art collections kept in these places are top class, enclosed by state of the art display systems like the Frank showcase system and can be found nowhere but in Australia. If you are an art lover, you will find inspiration in the diverse masterpieces that have been sourced from different corners of the world. From simple wall paintings to more advanced artifacts, your thirst for art will undoubtedly be quenched by the varying pieces impressively mounted onto the exhibition walls. If you are thinking of visiting one of the museums or art galleries here is a list of the best museum and Fine Art galleries in Australia.

The art gallery in New South Wales is recognized as one of the largest and possibly the most beautiful fine art galleries in Australia. Built with an attractive theme, this art gallery has all that you may need to satisfy your artistic desires. It houses pieces of art from different sections of Europe as well as from local Australian artists. The creative works of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh are displayed here for public view. Apart from having numerous paintings, various sculptures from indigenous artists can also be found here.

Australian Museum

If you want to know the historical story of Australia, this is the right place for you. Recognized as the first public museum in Australia after its establishment in 1827, it has an endless list of collected cultural artifacts that tell a lot about how Australia has evolved. It also has many scientific art pieces which are of great importance to the history of Australia. The architectural design is also a sight worth seeing; seated on only three floors, you will have enough time to see all that the museum has in store for you.

Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia was built in 1881 and now ranks second in Australia for having the most significant number of artifacts from the state. The gallery has a detailed finishing which gives it an attractive look. The paintings on the wall are also well organized to match the artistic theme being depicted. Some of the more unique collections include the Pre-Raphaelite works which attract both local and international visitors. It currently holds over 38,000 pieces of art which will give you an enthralling experience.

man sitting in front of painting in art gallery

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia has a collection of art pieces from diverse cultures all over the world. It has over 160,000 pieces of art consisting of the works of Asian, American and European artists. In addition, NGV also keeps an eye out for fresh art pieces from local artists. The artistic works curated here will blow your mind and will leave you longing for more.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Every year visitors flock to the Museum of Contemporary Art, enjoying the quality art being showcased. The building itself that many visitors have fallen in love with is a product of art, considered to be one of the architectural marvels in Australia. The museum has both local and international artworks with additional cultural pieces on display.

Art Gallery of Western Australia The artistic pieces kept here are from local artists and the Indian Ocean region. The local displays are mainly from the western side of the country. If you want to learn more about the Western side of Australia, this art gallery will answer all your questions. It is known as the home to some of the best art pieces in the whole of Australia. There are various sculptural pieces in display courtesy of some of the best Indigenous sculptures from Western Australia.

General Fun Facts About Ziplining

General Fun Facts About Ziplining

Ziplining has been around for quite a while, and many individuals are courageous enough to take on the daring struggle to do such an adrenaline-rushing activity. In the previous times of Ancient China, zip wires as they called them, were used at the Nujiang Valley of Yunnan Province. This area offers rivers, mountains, and valleys. Since they didn’t have the gear we’ve got in contemporary times, it was hard to cross the rivers safely. Zip cables were the response to safely crossing the rivers instead of swimming and utilizing ferry rides. For this day, some of those first lines remain and are being replaced with modern-day ziplines.

Ziplines have existed for centuries in one form or another, however, they didn’t gain popularity until the ’70s when wildlife biologists working in Central America began pruning cables from tree to tree into easily maneuver about the tropical rainforest canopy. That system allowed scientists to examine the local ecosystems without destroying the flora and fauna on the rainforest floor. This led to the first rise in canopy and zipline tours — as a way of ecotourism.

Nowadays, clearly, there’s been less and less emphasis on the ecotourism aspect of ziplining and more and more about the utter delight of the experience. As such, the zipline industry is rapidly growing and as quickly evolving. There’s a lot of rivalries as zipline attractions strive to outdo or one-up every other in terms of height, speed and distance.

Ziplining attractions are available in many locations around the world, which means you are bound to see a different source of scenery where you go. In modern times, most folks zipline for the excitement and enjoyable experience. Here are some surprising facts you May Not have known about ziplining:

  • In America, the state that has the most ziplines is North Carolina. The Tarheel nation has 24 commercial ziplines.
  • 72 countries and six continents in the world have commercials ziplines.
  • The most individuals to go down a single zipline in 1 hour was 183 — achieved by ACE adventure resort in West Virginia on June 3, 2012.
  • You’re able to travel internationally on ziplines. For example, if you want to cross the Guadiana River which is the border between Spain and Portugal, you will have to use a zipline to do so.
  • The Limite Zero Zipline crosses the Guadiana River from Spain to Portugal.
  • Ziplines in Costa Rica generate approximately $120 million in annual earnings.
  • In New Zealand & Australia, a zipline is popularly called a”fly fox.”
  • Ziplines are also called Zippy’s, zip wires, aerial runways, aerial rope slides, Tyrolean traverses or alternative tours.
General Fun Facts About Ziplining
  • Kids in the Hongdae village in China utilise a zipline to cross a 460-foot profound and 260-foot wide gorge to journey to and from college.
  • At New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia, a zip line Is Popularly Called a “flying fox.” A flying fox park in Victoria, in particular, is popular with local residents and visitors alike.
  • The word Zip comes from the idea of an object having to move at a high speed.
  • In some areas of rural China, children use zip lines to their educational institution. For example, students from Maji Township use these zip lines to cross the Nujiang river.
  • How Does It Work? So, you’ve got a lineup tied at a slope. Now, what is the next step? How would you make it so that you can slide down fast enough to be fun and exhilarating? The answer lies in the pulley that attaches to the cable or rope.
  • Ziplines can also be known as zippy’s, zip wires, aerial runways, aerial rope slides, or canopy tours.
  • The Invisible Man Ziplined–H.G. Wells said ziplines from the novel The Invisible Man.
  • The founder of modern zip-lining had written a book about his life experience using the zip line while studying the jungle at Costa Rica. The book is titled Life Above The Jungle Floor. This publication finally became an inspiration for the 1992 film Medicine Man, which features Sean Connery flying through the jungle on ziplines.

Sports That Adrenaline Junkies Should Try

Sports That Adrenaline Junkies Should Try

There’s something about being daring that makes our blood flow. Mysteriously, it results in a youthful and driven feeling. It must be the surge of adrenaline igniting us that renews us. But whether it’s about proving yourself capable, or having renewed strength, it certainly makes you feel alive.
Could adrenaline be the elixir of life? Perhaps. If it is, here are some of the sports that adrenaline junkies should try!


Take rock climbing up a notch by removing the safety lines and ropes, and you have bouldering. The climb does not usually go higher than 6 feet. It’s a good workout and a super fun challenge for your entire physique since you deal with angled cliffs rather than height. The ultimate challenge comes in when you have to find which small rock to grip next. Combining it with your mental willingness and flexibility, you are required to make a jump to move on. Also, it doesn’t just develop your physical strength, but it also strengthens your mentality. Your hand-eye coordination gets sharp, and your problem-solving capacity is enhanced. Since it is an outdoor sport, you get a good dose of vitamin D too, aiding your Calcium absorption. Lastly, the highest achievement comes from conquering your fears. If this is too intense for your athletic ability, an alternative would be to go to a flying fox park. 

White water rafting

This is one of the most exciting water-based sports as it literally, “goes with the flow”. It is an outdoor recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate rough waters. What makes it quite extreme is the risk that comes with the unpredictable current involved. If you have a great team to work with you, including a veteran guide, you’re up for an experience of a lifetime.


Extreme experiences are not limited only to land and water, but also in the air. Paragliding, a recreational and competitive adventure, gives you a high like no other. While bungee jumping, cliff jumping, B.A.S.E. jumping, and sky diving take away the element of being suspended on air, paragliding satisfies your ultimate dream of flying. Since it does not use any engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and may cover hundreds of kilometres, giving you a view that will take your breath away. If paragliding is too extreme, try a treetop zip line.


Winter should not stop you from having fun! Snowboarding is a recreational activity and Winter Olympic and Paralympic sport, which involves riding a snowboard. It’s similar to skateboarding. The challenge comes when you snowboard instead of skateboard down the snow-covered slope with your feet strapped in. Standing on it may be alright, but as it moves down faster and faster, you have to stand and balance yourself. It’s hard at first, but it gives an exhilarating experience. If you know how to sled, surf and ski, you may have an edge in your first session of snowboarding.

Mountain Biking

Biking may be simple. Doing so off-road, however, and on unpaved tracks can prove difficult. Mountain biking is rough and takes place on a much more resistant terrain. It challenges a bike rider’s entire physique, endurance, balance, bike-handling capabilities, and capacity for strategy. While the Olympic sport demands much from the rider, it gives beautiful scenery, a surge of accomplishment and core strength in exchange. There are different kinds of mountain biking that adventure seekers go for, depending on the thrill they would like. They may do cross-country for a less intensive workout. Those who want to activate their grip to life may take advanced trails. These are designed with jumps, drop-offs and downhill biking. Visit ski resorts that stay open in the summer for specific trails.

The most luxurious meals in Hobart

The most luxurious meals in Hobart

According to Numbeo, the average price of a meal at a restaurant in Hobart is around AUD$ 17.00. While this is quite a modest number, it does not mean that there isn’t plenty of more ‘luxurious’ options for any foodies visiting the city. In fact, Hobart – and Tasmania in general – has developed quite a reputation for fine dining. As such, many of the more luxurious menu options far exceed the $17 price tag.

If you are planning a special occasion or just looking to splash out every once and awhile, here are our picks for the most luxurious meals in Hobart:

  1. ‘Diane’ AUD$ 69

An eye fillet steak served at The Point Revolving Restaurant. This restaurant has been serving fine-dining French food in the heart of Hobart for more than 40 years. Cooked at your table, flambe style, your food is served with Dauphine potatoes with thyme and green beans and speck. Enjoy all this while taking in a 360° panoramic view of the Mount Wellington, Tasman Bridge and the beautiful River Derwent. If you want ‘Diane’ to come with a drink, the 2003 Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon Rosé Épernay, priced at AUD$ 730/bottle, is the most expensive they have.  

  1. Sirloin on the bone AUD $65

This unbelievable steak is dry aged for 35 days before being offered for dinner. This results in a unique and delicious flavour that is hard to beat. Find this at the Old Wharf Restaurant, this is one of the best dinner options in Hobart. With a serving size of 400g, you won’t go hungry. It may be a good idea to book one of Hobart’s free walking tours to work this meal off!

  1. 3-course dinner meals  – with an entrée, main and dessert AUD$ 89 

From the same restaurant, entrée choices include braised pork belly, mustard, lentil salad, beetroot Carnaroli Risotto, and salted grapes, just to name a few of the unique flavors on offer. Choices for the Main Dishes include local fish, eye fillet – Diane style (in smaller grams), Quail Breast and Honey Glazed Duck Breast. To finish, crème brulee, buckwheat pastry, and warm chocolate brownies are on offer for dessert. 

  1. Seven Hour Duck Leg AUD$ 42

A lavish meal that fuses flavours of honey, soy and ginger. Garnished with apple, parsley and pickles, the richness in flavor, freshness of the ingredients and melt-in-your-mouth duck meat will win over the toughest of critics. While the serving is not huge, the taste and experience is such that you cannot help but be impressed by this meal. Experience this at New Sydney Hotel which is located at 87 Bathurst St., Hobart, Tasmania.

  1. Salt Baked Flathead AUD$ 40

While the whole flathead is the main event, the pickled broccoli and potato salad it is served with certainly don’t disappoint either. While a white wine is perhaps the best option to pair with this dish, it is also hard to go past the Shiraz The Kitchen of New Sydney Hotel offers, with a bottle of Reynella Basket Press setting you back AUD$ 72

  1. Smoked 300g Wagyu Rump AUD$ 38

This wagyu beef, in all its glory, is smoked in-house to achieve an unmistakably rich, juicy and tender flavour. It comes served with pickles, beets, a crunchy salad, and of course, a blue cheese mousse! Cooked to your liking, from rare to well done.

  1. Tasmanian Octopus AUD$ 37

Another main dish of New Sydney Hotel is the Tasmanian Octopus. Freshly prepared with artichokes, macadamia nuts, kale and lemon myrtle pesto this is a truly uniquely flavoured dish.

  1. Grilled 300g Angus Scotch AUD$ 36

The Brick Factory, a modern Australian pub located at 55 Salamanca Place in Hobart offers this delicious scotch steak. This comes with chips, seasonal veggies and a choice of sauce. Don’t miss the live bands, playing here most weekends! 

  1. Bruny Island Oyster’s Natural AUD$ 36

Here, you get 12 serves of this deliciously savory oyster. Complimented with salsa and dipping sauce this is truly the most luxurious meal offered by Fish Frenzy. Famous for the classic fish and chips, freshly-grilled seafood and seafood chowder, it also offers a great seaside view. Located at Pier 4, Elizabeth Street, on Franklin Wharf, it is best to visit when you can experience their food as you take in the calming sea breeze. 

  1. Pizzaiola AUD$ 37.50

A meal that consists of pan-fried scaloppine in tomato wine sauce with capers, bell peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, garlic, oregano and served with seasoned vegetables. Scaloppine (veal) is an Italian slice of meat, cut thinly and usually sautéed or fried.
Scaloppine is the pride of the number 1 restaurant in Hobart, Ristorante De Angelo which has served authentic Italian pasta, pizza and many more since 1994.

  1. Pure-bred Wagyu Eye Fillet (200g) from Robbins Island AUD$ 88

With a marble score of +7, this comes with gem lettuce and the choice of: mustard, Café de Paris, Béarnaise, Grilled Onion, Pepperberry and Cognac, and Cabernet jus. This is the most luxurious option on Landscape Restaurant and Grill’s menu. This restaurant was also the winner of the John Glover Prize, which  is displayed in its private dining area.

Landscape Restaurant and Grill also offers the following: 

The Angus Scotch Fillet (300g) from Cape Grim costs AUD$ 48

The Eye Fillet (300g) also from Cape Grim is AUD$ 45

A simple Eye Fillet (250g) from Cape Grim is AUD$ 45 

Rib Eye (400g) from Cape Grim is AUD$ 58

The T-Bone (650g) from Cape Grim, AUD$ 58

Sirloin on the Bone (400g), dried for 35 days to age is AUD$ 55

All of these are grass fed except for Wagyu/cross-Scotch Fillet from Rangers Valley, New South Wales with a marble score of +5 is priced at AUD$ 68 which is grain fed.  

Cheap Places to travel in your 20’s

Cheap Places to travel in your 20’s

If you’re looking for the very best and cheapest places to travel and explore while you are young, look no further. These locations from all over the world are fantastic for 20-somethings to see without breaking the bank. It has never been so simple to travel on a budget!

1. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand is an immensely popular tourist destination for young travelers. The cost of flights and lodging make the most luxurious vacation just as expensive as the price of living in a big city. And as soon as you land you can do a little island hopping while in Thailand, but you may need your final destination to be Ko Phi Phi.

Rather than dealing with the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, it is possible to go to the Phi Phi Islands and enjoy white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. A combination of lush greenery and mountainous terrain makes this place a unique blend of beautiful you could enjoy. Not a bad deal for one of the least expensive places to travel.

2. Caye Caulker, Belize

The Belize Barrier Reef is filled with rich wildlife and a sea holding excellent diving points to make the most of the small island community.

Taking advantage of this remarkable city is easy as high-class resorts run in the tens of dollars, seldom breaking two amounts. It doesn’t get much better than this if you will need to travel on a budget. For young people, there are tons of opportunities for studying and interacting.

3. Cusco, Peru

The former capital of the Inca Empire retains impressive ancient ruins, unlike anything you may see on the rest of Earth. Along with the ancient city ruins there are several remains from the Spanish settlements which were formed when the area was defeated

It’s a place that everyone should see, and due to its affordability and availability, it’s the best location for young people to go to. You’re going to want to see this extreme landscape while your body is strong enough to hike the trails you can’t access by car.

4. Cobán, Guatemala

This Guatemalan town is a nature lover’s dream destination. Experience the natural waterfalls and caves tucked one of the lushness of this gorgeous area of the planet. It’s ideal for young people and especially people who are attempting to save money. Las Victoria’s National Park is a hiker’s paradise providing several hours of hiking through the wooded expanse of paths.

One of the few problems that travelers face in Guatemala is the distance from one site to another, but in the event of Cobán, you’re in a place that could keep you exploring eternally. Spending time in nature, you’ll wind up getting an incredible set of memories for a remarkably low cost.

5. Budapest, Hungary

If you’re already in Europe, Budapest is a favorite destination, but it’s often overlooked by those not familiar with the region. I was amazed when I planned my trip to hear from many of my worldly friends that it was their favorite city and also among the cheapest places to travel (although it’s technically two cities, Buda and Pest). And after seeing it, I understand why.

Hotels and daily expenses are somewhat inexpensive, and recent construction booms have created “resorts” that use empty flats, providing travelers affordable access to high scale accommodations. The town feels young and full of life as it’s extremely easy to travel to on a budget. The city is very walk able, and public transport is cheap and dependable.

10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Music Festival

10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Music Festival

Planning an outdoor music festival is an exciting journey: the music, the weather, the lights, the people and the atmosphere of it all combined. To ensure your music festival is an unforgettable experience, follow these steps to help get you there.

  1. Equip yourself with necessary audio, lighting and visual gear: The main focus of your festival will be the main stage, and will be heavily impacted by the quality of audio, lighting, and projections if applicable. We would not advise that you attempt to plan everything on your own, rather use the assistance of specialized audio and lighting production companies. The interplay between these two components is very important. The visual experience of the lighting entwined with the audio will create that physiological experience a live performance can often deliver.
  1. Give yourself lots of time to strategize: Planning an outdoor music festival is an enormous project. You just need to look at the organizers of Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass – they can only organize a couple of festivals a year due to their scale. You need to plan the entire supply chain and how you will approach operations. We recommend you give yourself an excess of time in case any errors arise. To plan your festival from beginning to end if you do not need a last-minute panic.
  1. Plan your area: Let’s say you’re planning a camping festival, you will likely require open spaces for the audience to interact, backstage areas, catering trucks, mobile bathroom facilities, camping grounds and potentially an area for vehicles to come in and out. Implement asset management software to manage the tangible factors of the event as well as equipment that is being sourced through contractors. It is imperative that evacuation zones are considered and first aid stations situated near high traffic locations.
  1. Musicians cost money: Artists are the essence of the festival, and they deserve payment. You need to budget smartly for your line-up because musician rates do vary. The last thing you want to do is spend your entire budget on a single act, leaving you penniless for the rest of the artists. Do your research and attend gigs in the general area. Try to source some local acts and up-and-comers, as this will save your finances and promote independent music.

  1. Get the appropriate licenses: There are a range of licenses you can acquire, but it is essential you pick the correct one and adhere to its guidelines. If we selected the ‘festival’ license, you would need have to make sure the festival runs for at least 8 hours, has an outdoor stage or purpose-built performance area, has at least six acts and is marketed as a festival that gives every artist exposure in its campaigns. The very last thing you need is to get shut down on the afternoon since you don’t have your paperwork in order. You should also find out what noise restrictions might be in place and when the cut-off time for music performance is. Since this will be a certified event, you will require an Australian Business Number (ABN) so the government recognises you as an authorised business.
  1. Organize entry: How will entry to the festival perform? What about wristbands, tickets, or hand-stamps? If your songs festival runs for over 1 day, folks may want to leave and return in, which explains the reason why wristbands are a popular option when planning an outdoor music festival. Will there be security and staff to view tickets at the gates, if so, how many will be required to operate smoothly?
  1. Be sure to have sufficient safety: Music festival tickets may be expensive, especially if they’re weekend events, so be certain it’s impossible (or very hard) for folks to ‘jump fences’ and get in for free. Use mobile job management software to monitor and communicate with staff, list tasks and break rosters. Not only can it equate to lost earnings if people figure out how to slip in, but it might also spend the festival capability within the maximum permitted for health and security reasons.

  1. Consider non-musical amusement: There might be correlation involving sets or maybe technical issues arise. Be certain you’ve got other kinds of amusement for attendees, artwork installations, comedy, magicians, silent discos, ethnic tribal music.
  1. Market cleverly: Marketing outdoor music festivals is substantially the same as advertising different kinds of occasions, but you really do have additional avenues to research. Use social media to your advantage and encourage the bands to promote it. Almost the entirety of attendees will be coming to your festival because they enjoy these bands. Create a website for your festival, consider using a custom craft CMS website for its aesthetic design and sleek user interface. Having professional web design will give your event perceived legitimacy and encourage people to attend.
  1. Do not overlook the essentials: If you have ever been to a music festival, what exactly were the centers you couldn’t have done? Festival-goers will need food, beverages, showers, first-aid and litter/recycling outposts.

5 Top Places to Travel For Home Design Inspiration

5 Top Places to Travel For Home Design Inspiration

Artists find inspiration in various forms, whether it be from life experience or people they know. Just like Leonardo Da Vinci, who was inspired by the ancient Greek texts of Ctesibus and Vitruvius to attempt to build the world’s first robot in 1495. Similarly, Lorenzo Ghiberti’s “Gates of Paradise” was cited as the inspiration for Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture “Gates of Hell.”

Traveling to faraway destinations or just the next town over renews your spirit and revives your passion for the craft. To keep the inspiration and motivation flowing, artists and writers can benefit from a change of scenery to awaken new ideas. Incredible new material rarely surge from being stuck in a rut, so step away and experience a new place for the first time. These are some of the best 5 places from around the world to visit for artists and writers to find inspiration.

Fairbanks, Alaska

History. Fairbanks, the second largest city in Alaska, is located in the interior region of the state. The city is the northernmost Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. When you travel to Alaska, be prepared to discover breathtaking landscapes and a myriad of amazing wildlife. You don’t need to be looking through a brochure you found on some metal display stands, imagining what it would be like being there, but you would be there experiencing a beautiful place in the world while gaining inspiration for your home.

Summer is the best time to experience the majestic scenery and enchantment of America’s largest state when the days are long, nature is in full bloom, and the air is alive with energy.  You can see the largest concentration of American Bald Eagles in the world during springtime along the Stikine River.

Getting there. There are many domestic flights in the U.S that stopover in Alaska. If you are coming from overseas to the States, you’ll likely connect in L.A. or New York.

Natural Inspiration. The Aurora Borealis. The aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, are an amazing spectacle of light, dancing incredibly across the sky with their green, red and purple hues.  They are actually solar particles propelled into the earth’s magnetic field above the earth’s surface.  It’s long been one of the rarest sights on earth since it can only be seen from certain locations but due to the rise of digital photography, spectacular images of Auroras are quite common. The most reliable chances to see Alaska’s northern lights are in Fairbanks, and above the Arctic Circle.

Why it will inspire? Color. The amazing hues of the Aurora Borealis are a motivation to any designer. In fact, images uploaded to instantly generate a color palette that might serve a theme for a website or design.

Split, Croatia

History. Split is the second-largest city of the region of Dalmatia in Croatia and is an intraregional transport hub and popular tourist destination.  Its location is overlooked by mountains and edged by the deep blue Adriatic Sea.

Getting there. There are various flights to Croatia. You can probably fly into either Split or the capital, Zagreb, and travel outwards from there.

Natural inspiration. The Adriatic Sea, which borders to the south and west is the home to many incredible islands, castles or other relics of the past. Surrounded by mountains and sea, the city has it all: Roman ruins and grand museums flanking fashionable cafes and trendy shops.  There are many buildings still standing from Roman rule giving rise to the areas slogan “The Mediterranean As it Once Was”. The thickly wooded mountains inland provide a completely diverse experience than the rest of the country will.

Why it will inspire? Anatomy.  With its proximity to the sandy beaches and rocky coves of nearby islands, access to the nude beaches provides excellent source for sketching people and studying the human form.

Darwin, Australia

History. Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory and a former frontier outpost. Over time Darwin has grown into one of Australia’s most modern and multicultural cities. Its closeness to Asia makes it an important Australian access to countries such as Indonesia and East Timor. The Stuart Highway starts in Darwin, and ends at Port Augusta in South Australia. In the movie “AUSTRALIA” Darwin was featured with Nicole Kidman’s character, who must protect her property from thieves.

Getting there.  Australia can be tremendously expensive to travel to because of the great distance. However, that doesn’t stop Australians from flying pretty much everywhere in the world for holiday. So, while tickets aren’t cheap, they are easy to book.

Natural inspiration. The Australian Wilderness. The Australian wilderness provides a range if resources and inspiration whether it be wanting to buy tree furniture as a result of the luscious forests that you find or going with inspiration from another part of the world to incorporate galvanized steel mesh panels in your home. The decision is yours. You must attempt the extremely solitary and empty drive across Australia to truly appreciate how isolated much of the country is. Experience the trip from Darwin to Melbourne….an estimated 3,755 km…one way!

Why it will inspire? Concentration. Going on a road trip across Australia can help you build up the type of concentration and strength of mind Michelangelo, Raphael, and Sandro Botticelli used to paint the Sistine Chapel….Maybe.

Chongqing, Sischuan, China

History. Established during the eleventh century BCE, Chongqing is believed to be the semi-mythical State of Ba. By 316 BCE, however, it was conquered by the State of Qin. The Qin emperor ordered the construction of a new city, which was later known as Jiang and Chu Prefecture. In 2005 Chinese tourist authorities in the Shuangqiao District began development of an attraction to be known as “Ladies Town”.  The town’s motto will be: “Ladies Can Never Be Wrong, and Gentlemen Should Never Refuse Ladies’ Requests.” The project was completed in 2008-2010. Deuce Bigalow would be proud.

Getting there. International flights can be quite expensive. The average cost for flights to China is usually from $1500 to $3000 for a round trip flight. However, if you are lucky enough, you can get a roundtrip promo fare for $800!

Natural inspiration. Have you ever heard of Bamboo Forests? They became famous since they were used as the backdrop for key scenes in the movie House of Flying Daggers.

Why does it inspire? Fantasy. The place allows you to pretend you’re a great samurai warrior fighting off your enemies in a field of bamboo. If that isn’t one of your fantasies just come here and you’ll find plenty of other people whispering battle cries under their breath!

El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina

History. The name of the city came from a little shrub with yellow flowers and dark blue berries that is widespread in Patagonia. El Calafate is more famously known as the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, home to the massive Perito Moreno Glacier, whose ever-shifting icy landscape is popular for hiking and sightseeing. You won’t need to go calling in a stump removal company anywhere here as ice dominates the landscape and scenery. Patagonia includes the Andes Mountains to the west and south, and plateau and low plains to the east. Derived from the word patagon and used by Magellan to describe the native people who his expedition thought to be giants is the name Patagonia.

Getting there. Cheap flights and frequent available from the Americas.

Natural inspiration. Ice. The Los Glaciares National Park attracts a myriad of tourists to the area from around the world.

Why it will inspire? Negative Space. Let your mind just escape in its own thoughts as you gaze upon the great ice formations jutting out against the meditative horizon and you’ll see all kinds of shapes that might inspire new ideas.

Planning a Photo Shoot With Friends

Planning a Photo Shoot With Friends

If you have never had a photo shoot together with friends and family, you are missing out on a whole lot of fun and bonding time. Getting dressed up and enjoying your cute friendships is such an enjoyable way to spend the day together with your besties. Happily, producing the ideal photo shoot is a craft which could be mastered or just something fun to do in your recreation time. You don’t to be a professional award winning wedding photography business owner to take great photos, simply have fun and do your best, you may surprise yourself with your photography skills. Below are a few hints that will assist you in planning the perfect day for the great cause of friendship.

1. Decide what camera you would like to use

You and your friends might not have the luxury of shooting photos with a fancy DSLR camera. Do not worry! As good as it is to have a DSLR for photo shoots, it is not imperative that you’ve got one. Provided that you maintain some basic photography principles in your mind, your photographs can come out great by just using your smartphone or handheld camera. You can even get creative and use a Polaroid camera or disposable print camera.

2. Decide on the ideal setting

It is important to take into account scenery and lighting when planning a fantastic photo shoot. Outside photo shoots daytime have a tendency to look the very best. Ensure that the sun is behind the photographer and the background is slightly scenic to maximise the quality of photographs. Indoor photos also look great when there are natural lighting and a clean backdrop. It can also be fun to pose with contemporary furniture or other fun props like lamps, curtains or fabrics.

3. Get the makeup and wardrobe just perfect

Here is the interesting part, in my view. Attempt to become creative when coming up with what to put on in your own photos. The apparel can actually reflect the tone of this shoot, so think of what you need this to be. Additional points for coordinating outfits with pals. It doesn’t have to be extreme, you could choose a simple colour scheme or theme for the photos that could make it look fun and cohesive.

4. Hurry to find out your angles and light

When you begin shooting photos, try different angles and poses to get a notion of what seems best. When you sift through these initial attempts, you can tailor the remainder of your attempts to what came from the very best. Natural lighting looks best as it it is bright, as indoor lighting may look yellow or tinted on camera. Depending on the setup, angles can vary. It is really about trial and error and finding what looks the best, but don’t over think it, just remember to let it be natural and recreational.

5. Use the Ideal editing tool

Editing may be the secret to a fantastic photo shoot, particularly if you’re using a lesser quality camera. You do not have to be proficient in Photoshop to have the ability to edit photographs nicely. IPhoto may be a fantastic editing tool when you’ve got a Mac. My personal preferred photo editing program is Afterlight, that has a broad variety of filter options and actually enables you to personalize with picture settings.

6. Decide on the appropriate photographs for the ideal social networks

As soon as you’ve uploaded to your computer, edited and sorted through your amazing photos, you are likely to get a notion of which ones look best on which social networking platform. The more artsy photographs will work well on Instagram or even Tumblr. Your most adorable photos with your buddies are fantastic for Facebook. Make albums and tag your friends so everyone can see how much fun you have had. I am confident that you’ll have the ability to locate new profile images for all your social networks too!

7. Print and frame your favourites

Remember when I told you how important it’s to publish your photographs? That is where that comes in to play. Before these pictures become lost in the shuffle, so be sure that you publish your favourites. It is rewarding to look at your photographs proudly displayed in neat frames next to some lovely bespoke furniture in your home.

Now that you are armed with these tips and tricks to a great photo shoot, then you also can get to the interesting part, getting your friends together! Don’t forget to find creative and have fun with this, and you are going to be delighted with the outcomes, it might even spark an interest in you, you never know you could even become a natural photography Melbourne business in the future.

Our Top 3 Beach Getaways in the World

Our Top 3 Beach Getaways in the World

After the long stretch of the relaxing winter holidays finally comes to an end, January has come along to hit us with a serious reality check. A month full of cold and gloomy days of winter till the very first sign of spring; which is almost not so far away.

The month of January is a great time to score deals on airfares and hotels since the holidays (and their crowds) have come and gone. Different travel organisation offers steep discounts especially in the first few weeks after the New Year making much-anticipated beach gateway even more appealing than it would be during peak, crowded and expensive summer travels period. Time to jump onto an airline web agency and grab a cheap ticket to a far-away destination.

You have done some background research on fancy hotels and resorts on the custom craft websites to find the best beach destination across the globe with the sunniest, liveliest and best days in January. From the famous white sands of Thailand and the unknown gems of the Philippines and variety of sites in Brazil, here is our top beach picks this January.

Koh Lanta: Thailand

The ideal time to visit Thailand most especially the islands on the Andaman Sea in January as it offers lovely weather during the winter period. Koh Lanta offers countless numbers of dreamy islands with pure white sand and crystalline water that will continue to ignite travellers all over the world. While Koh Lanta continues to have it all, the island district also provides swanky, romantic retreats with a distinct coastal style, family-friendly hotels and beaches with calm surf, world-renowned diving sites, luxurious relaxation spas and a laid back old town with traditional wooden houses. The famous south of Thailand: Phuket is a paradise for beach lovers who also love a fun night out and some shopping. Aside from the beaches, enjoy the delicious authentic local food that you will remember. Go now before the secret gets out.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

In 2017, Palawan was voted as the world’s best island by Travel and Leisure readers, and the province provides exact stunningly beautiful terrain as other Southeast Asia destinations, just a fraction of the crowds. El Nido is famous for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs and you can boat tour from the city to hop around the Bacuit archipelago. You’ll sail through the crystal-clear blue lagoons flanked by emerald karst cliffs as well as kayak and finally to a secluded white-sand beach. The seas are clear and calm in January and provide a perfect means diving and snorkeling around coral reefs. Cruise in your own private boat guided by a local who will take you to the most stunning photogenic locations and islands.

You may not have considered the Philippines as a beachy destination, but trust us on this one, it will be one of the gorgeous sites you’ll ever see. Immerse yourself in the distinct culture and vibrant people of the Philippines you will realise how friendly and helpful locals are as soon as you set foot on the island.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January is a great time to visit and appreciate the rare combination of beaches, rainforest, and mountains located within a busy urban setting in Rio. The beaches during this period are usually bustling, and the weather is usually not too hot. However, it is advisable to visit Rio de Janeiro before the famous month-long debaucherous carnival. If you want to enjoy the madness of the party, you can visit during the festivities for a once in a lifetime experience. Seclusion is extremely avoidable as it will be difficult to isolate yourself with all the hustle and bustle going on in this amazing city.

Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leblon will be highly popular places, full of tanned and fit locals showing off in the swimsuits as well as tasty street food and fresh coconuts being sold to excited tourists. This sight makes Rio an unforgettable and prominent beach destination on our list. Don’t forget to go to the famous Copacabana Beach and marvel at all the diverse coloured umbrellas and excitable tourists. The beach front city is one-of-a-kind enjoyed every day by both locals and visitors alike. If you are there for the new year, be ready to witness a party like no other, with an amazing display of music and fireworks. Check out the funky beach décor at local bars and hotels or spoil yourself and your loved ones at a five-star beachfront resort. Enjoy cocktails until sunset, go to a local soccer game or explore the remote rainforests on the mainland, Rio is a truly bustling busy city and you will never run out of things to do.

Get Around this Summer on Wooden Bicycles

Get Around this Summer on Wooden Bicycles

The Laufmaschine, forerunner of the bike known as the running machine, bears only a passing resemblance to the pedal-bikes we know now. Invented in 1817, it had no chain and was driven by the rider pushing his feet across the ground at a walking or jogging motion. Even more remarkably, its frame was made from timber.

Jump forward to 2017, and a harvest of bicycle manufacturers is turning back the clock – at least in terms of using wood as a core material. These companies make their bikes in part, and sometimes wholly, from woods like ash, oak and walnut. They’re driven by a love of design and craft, the desire to use natural substances and architectural engineered timber battens, and a passion for biking. And they’ve attracted a small but growing base of enthusiastic clients online, according to IT consultants in Melbourne, willing to pay high prices for their lovingly crafted creations.

People like having something special, something different, according to Chris Connor, the creator of Connor Wood Bicycles. They are said to also appreciate the craftsmanship. Not a great deal of things are constructed by hand nowadays.

The company was born in 2012 when the 48-year-old American chose to combine his long-held passions for woodwork and biking. All his bikes all have wooden frames; the other components, like the wheels and gears, are made from steel, rubber or carbon.

Sales have slowly been increasing, but it has not been easy, says Mr Connor. He said that that’s due to a perception among some cyclists that wooden bicycles may break or be dangerous. In actuality, Mr Connor says wood stains are quite durable, and that’s why it’s used to make tool handles, skis, boats, even light aircraft. Additionally, it absorbs vibrations nicely, making cycling on bumpy roads smoother, less tiring and quieter. And needless to say, these bikes look great. Mr Connor makes his frames from “powerful but elastic” white ash or “eye candy” black walnut.

A newly published book called “The Wooden Bicycle: Around the World” features 111 companies which make bikes from bamboo or wood – a growing trend for sustainable options for everything from grocery purchases to appliance repair and electrical services. Only one, Splinterbike in the United Kingdom, sells 100% wooden versions with its bicycles featuring wooden gears, wheels and chains. But most limit their use of timber to the framework, and sometimes parts like the handlebars and forks. Other parts will be produced from materials typically related to bicycles, such as aluminium.

It’s the unique design of wooden bicycles, and their bespoke craftsmanship of non-combustible cladding, that underpins their appeal, says Gregor Cuzak. The Slovenian co-founded Woodster Bikes after assembly woodworker Iztok Mohoric, who had recently designed a bicycle with a wooden framework. Mr Cuzak states that he was not interested at first, but once he saw it and took a ride, he was instantly convinced. He says people were watching me like I had been driving a crazy sports car.

Like other companies in the area, Woodster is targeting clients who enjoy the finer things in life. Its bicycle frames are made from woods such as beech and bog oak which can easily be spruced with suitable wood oil. Additionally, every customer receives a book with a story about how their personal bike was made. Mr Cuzak adds that they even plant a new tree in precisely the exact same place where they cut one for a bicycle.

Piet Brandjes, 63, who co-founded Dutch company Bough Bikes, agrees that wooden bicycles “draw attention”. Because of this, firms in the Netherlands, for example, Novotel and Rabobank have purchased Bough Bikes for their guests and employees to use. The bikes are also utilised in a shared bicycle scheme at Schiphol Airport business park, in Amsterdam, so employees can give them a spin.

All of Mr Brandjes’ versions have French pine frames, front forks and handlebars. However, customers need not worry about getting them wet in the rain. The bikes in the common plot have been out for three decades and they still look great. Provided that wet wood dries again, it is fine. You simply have to polish it once per year – about the same number of times as calling up your electrical contractors and services to check the energy efficiencies of your home.

Everyone I talked to reported feeling frustrated by assumptions that wooden bikes were less secure and sturdy than other bikes. Mr Connor tells me that by using the ideal woods and construction methods, his bicycles are perfectly durable. A solid seasoned wood, laminated to itself in strips with reversing grain instructions, bonded with aerospace adhesives is remarkably tough. Add in interspersed layers of carbon fibre and Kevlar, like in my bicycles, and the power far exceeds the requirements for creating a reasonably lightweight performance bike frame.

As for the way they operate, Mr Brandjes points out that all of his bikes have been tested by TUV Rheinland, a renowned German firm that certifies products. However, other obstacles may hinder companies in the space, such as the growing trend for incorporating automation and thus cloud computing services into the outdoor activities of cycling and walking. For another thing, wooden bikes are usually heavier than many road bikes. The various models of the three companies I talked to weigh between 9.9kg and 25kg. You can’t make them as light as carbon bikes, according to Mr Connor. But a pound or two more or less doesn’t really matter.

Reasons Why We Love the Australian Open

Reasons Why We Love the Australian Open
  1. It is the friendly slam

Just ask Roger Federer. In his last visit to Australia for the Open he commented on how laid-back the event seemed in comparison to other Grand Slams. Federer noted that each year the event is well-organised and everything seems to run smoothly.

  1. The front-page domination

Each January, Melbourne Park becomes Australia’s centre of gravity. Each year, pretty much every paper generates daily pictures of Federer, Djokovic and other tennis stars, whilst TV news reporters constantly swarm around the grounds. Australia is the smallest of the four slam nations by far, as well the most sport-obsessed, making the high level of its own tennis fixation unique.

  1. Weather resistance

The completion of the new roof on Margaret Court Arena now means that this is the world’s only outdoor championship to possess retractable lids on all of its main courts. Given that some years the Open is severely affected by 40-plus temperatures, the roofs are useful in protecting players from searing heat as well as rain. In any event, the show will go on, and each singles match could potentially be held inside if required.

  1. Vibrant crowds

Every year at the Australian Open fans get really excited about tennis, they love to cheer and they love to get loud. Tennis apparel in Melbourne is always in abundance this time of year with fans doing their best to celebrate the game of tennis. The event is always livened up by numerous cheer squads, some encouraging Australians such as Nick Kyrgios and others barracking the game’s best. Regardless of who’s on the court, the roars of the crowd will always be heard.

  1. Calling a spade a shovel

Australians aren’t given to mincing their words. Whether it’s junior boys’ winner Luke Saville telling a live TV interview that winning felt a “s–load” better than losing, or 2013 master of ceremonies Sandy Gordon introducing runner-up Li Na with the words “She is battered, she is bruised and she is quite possibly buggered”, you can’t know what they’re going to say next. The results tend to be politically incorrect but all the more entertaining for it. Tournament doctor Tim Wood insisted that gamers should not complain about 40-plus temperatures since we evolved on the plains of Africa chasing antelope all day in the hot conditions.

  1. The Garden Square

It has sometimes been ransacked by hordes of skirmishing Serbs and Croats, who flip the plastic seats into missiles in their excitement, but for the majority of the time the leafy central plaza is a mellow place for picnicking and conversing: Henman Hill with better weather.

  1. Fresh start for players

Given the Australian Open’s eccentric position, a mere few weeks into the new year, participants should not be affected by fatigue. The majority of the top players are coming off month-long training blocks which have sharpened their skills and put them in optimal physical form.

  1. Fresh start for fans

After two weeks without a significant tournament, the desire for another wave of fuzzy ball-wrangling is always powerful among the world’s sports fans. And the continuing debate about the balance of power — who’s hot, who’s not — also gains an additional frisson from the feeling of a new chapter opening. Due to its early slot, the Australian Open does more than any other slam to form the narrative of this season. Novak Djokovic has used it as his springboard for the past couple of decades, while Stan Wawrinka won his maiden slam here in 2014, then went on to bring a maiden Masters 1000 name and the Davis Cup as well.

  1. The destination

Melbourne and all of its resident’s love hosting the Australian Open each year and those who don’t live in the city travel far and wide to get there and be a part of it. Tennis stores in Melbourne have their busiest period during the Open and many other hotels and restaurants also benefit from the masses of crowds who come to the city to join in on the action.

My 4WD Adventure Through The Victorian High Country

My 4WD Adventure Through The Victorian High Country

While taking an extended working holiday to Australia a friend of mine had his own 4WD up for sale with a couple mods and accessories like an ecb nudge bar already installed. Given it had always been a dream of mine, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase for me and my family a 1996 Land Rover.

‘She’ wanted a little work done to her to get the roadworthy, but after that was sorted I couldn’t wait to get her out onto the outback.

We’d decided that a roundabout visit to Melbourne with dirt streets, bog holes, ruts and steep drop offs was warranted. On the trip down we chose the Hume highway. It had been quite a lengthy trip particularly with a 6yr old and a 1 year old in the back; however, the multimedia installation of a DVD player appeared to keep them entertained.

During our trip we ventured to Wombat State Forest for the afternoon. It was enjoyable. Somewhat frightening sometimes and dusty but I had a blast and we travelled with 3 additional vehicles. The one thing that I shall remember about this trip would be the mud hole. You had to border the edge to gain access to the chicken trail. I expected my partner to crawl in as the other vehicles did, however he chose to ‘flaw it’ through the puddle and naturally; as 4wd bull bars tend to, it dug into the base of the puddle. In retrospect, while we did get through it, half the puddle ended up in the vehicle with us! My two little children couldn’t stop laughing!

At 10:30 in the morning on Thursday we began the journey back home. What experiences waited for us now on the journey? My car runs on gasoline in addition to gas but we did this trip all on gasoline cheap? What fun. We chose to take the scenic route home and we all had our hema newspaper map of the Victorian high country with us so we began our journey home through the Great Alpine Road.

I am not Certain just how far along the street we had been but we saw a lovely little flow off to both sides using a tiny bridge that led around to the visitor centre. We were planning to stop by, but there were some individuals there so we drove up a little to chuck a ‘u-ey’ (as Aussies say). Suddenly my eyes lit up a bit. ‘Hey honey… we’re on a dirt street, would you like to follow it for a bit,’ therefore we checked our map and it did not appear to go for too long and it brought us out into the Great Alpine road again.

Hubby left the choice up to me. So I said, ‘what the hell.’ The Trail was known as Collins street and was not that fun or a small detour, it was a 5hr trip that we weren’t ready for. We had drinks but not much, I had been unfamiliar with what I was doing leading me to be anxious and on edge.

Each 20m or so there was an obstruction such as a fallen tree to eliminate or move around or lift up, the trail ended up breaking up and then we drove down one which appeared to take forever only to be cut off with a massive fallen tree forcing us to turn around again. Steep drop offs that frighten the daylights out of me were common, especially whilst my kiddy’s were at the vehicle. Obviously, it was fun, however this was an unanticipated long detour and I have never been more grateful that we decided to install nappa leather car seats before we left.

Finally, away from the trail around 6pm, we then drove to another town to liven the atmosphere up and refuel, but everything was shut. Continuing on we had been down to our red light on the gasoline tank and we’d begun to ascend Mount Hotham. I despise hills especially if its dark and I did not even know that it was Mount Hotham so the experience was nerve racking. Ian (hubby) believed we would not even make it onto the mountain and by this stage the Rover was losing its go and beginning to cough and splutter. We kept moving.

I had been just like a stunned rabbit caught in headlights, I had been that stiff with fear I couldn’t let go of the door, all of the while viewing the red light on the gas in addition to listening to my husband tell me about the views on each side along with the sheer drop offs etc. On descending this mountain, we essentially coasted the 4wd down, engine running to maintain the brakes and steering on.

I Couldn’t see anything except those orange beacon items they place there rather than guard rails. I never knew I could get that fearful I was nearly in tears. We eventually made it into the town after MT Hotham just to realize the servo was closed and they did not even have LPG therefore we needed to shore my poor rover yet another 20 odd kilometers to Bright.

They had a servo that had LPG but again being so late at night it was closed. We pulled up and that’s where we slept for the evening. The following morning at 6:30am we gassed up and headed home

Finally arriving back in Brisbane, while terrifying at times, I loved the trip. We took the good and bad in our stride and the kids couldn’t have been happier. If there’s one thing I’d do different next time, it’s take a jerry of gas… or you know research my dirt tracks.

Top 3 Holiday Destinations for Basketball Lovers

Top 3 Holiday Destinations for Basketball Lovers

If he’s not Performing 200 Miles around the racetrack, NASCAR winner driver Kurt Busch is ingesting a desire besides speed: his love of sport. “After the NASCAR schedule comes out, I strategically make plans to get to a unique sporting event at least once a month,” states the enthusiastic fan, creating a point of seeing baseball parks and other sports arenas such as museums and stadiums across the racing circuit.

And he is hardly alone. Sports-related tourism is big bucks in America. Super Bowl XLVIII was widely acclaimed (if contested) as with a $600 million economic impact in the new york region. Chump change beside the billions enclosing the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

However, avowed sports nuts do not need big-ticket occasions to attract Out their fire. Under-the-radar actions and the opportunity to demonstrate their love of this game–any sport–while on holiday could transform a trip to an unforgettable adventure.

How about running the foundations on the Authentic Field of Dreams in Iowa? Standing in the Baltimore room where Babe Ruth was born? Skating the “Miracle on Ice” rink from America’s very own Olympics at Lake Placid, NY? Or, as Busch indicates in his home state of North Carolina, seeing Charlotte’s NASCAR team race stores?

“As a car guy, it’s such a treat,” he says, “but you don’t even have to be a sports fan to appreciate the quality of work that goes into all of these cars.” And if you visit Indianapolis or even Orlando, FL, you may even drive one!

From shooting hoops in Springfield, MA, to browsing San Diego’s waves, we have sweated the details to spot itineraries for sport lovers in general, but particularly basketball lovers. Here are our top three spots…. Game on!

Indianapolis: The Brickyard and Basketball

Getting behind the wheel of an IndyCar to get a high-speed ride around among the world’s most renowned tracks will make anybody–from regular petrol heads to racing aficionados–need to “Kiss the Bricks” such as Brickyard race champions have done since 1996. Basketball (and sports film) lovers can relive the “Milan Miracle of 1954” at either the Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum which also offers the iconic basketball shirts along with the Hinkle Fieldhouse, in which the historical high school game has been played (and at which all of this film Hoosiers, where it is established, was filmed).

North Carolina: Laps and Layups

It is March Madness constantly in Chapel Hill and Neighboring Durham, NC, at which college basketball enthusiasts dressed fully in warring basketball jersey designs and kits can catch tickets to observe Tar Heels (five-time NCAA National Champions) and Duke Blue Devils matches (in the infamously extreme Cameron Stadium). A road trip to neighboring Charlotte is a cure for racing lovers, also. The NASCAR Hall of Fame joins displays on racing’s greats with entertaining, interactive activities, although the Richard Petty Museum introduces the racing legend’s accomplishments along with his sudden collections of firearms, dolls, and pocket watches. Many NASCAR team headquarters are available to the public too and feature displays on hot drivers.

New England Hall of Fame Road Trip

A road trip through New England creates a worthy holiday for Hoops, hardball, and racquet sports lovers. Nearly 300 iconic gamers come living In the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, at which James Naismith created the game in 1891. Only 90 minutes away in Boston sits MLB’s earliest (and among America’s greatest) baseball stadiums: Fenway Park. Tours Contain sitting on the infamous Green Dragon, the bothersome, drama-making 37-foot, 2-inch-high left field wall. In neighboring Newport, RI, the Global Tennis Hall of Fame’s tasteful grounds hold 13 bud courts which were host to the 1881 Championship that evolved into the U.S. Open.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Visiting Melbourne

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Visiting Melbourne

A full-scale diversion of the next Globe Theatre has been built in Melbourne with quality management and workforce mobility solutions so locals can encounter William Shakespeare’s plays with the way they were intended to be. Miles Gregory, the project creator, stated that they are going to pop up in fourteen days. A three-storey, 900-person, 100-tonne theater, where individuals will get splashed.

Constructed in Auckland from 2016, the pop-up Globe Theatre was to mark the 400th year of Shakespeare’s departure and following a few sell-out seasons coming to Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl in September. Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Othello and Henry V will be performed throughout the Melbourne run.

The theater is based on the initial 400-year-old layout, but will comprise some alterations such as the installation of modular exhibition wall systems to display props and merchandise. Standard lighting will be comprised for night-time shows, and there’ll also be nearby contemporary bathroom facilities. However, besides that, the organisers said reveals would be quite close to how crowds in Shakespeare’s age experienced his functions, in the open-air design.

Mr Gregory said that when it rains you’ll get wet. You will find lots of contemporary touches, but this isn’t your dusty old Shakespeare. The Victorian Authorities refused to state just how far it had spent to bring the series into Melbourne. However, Tourism Minister John Eren said it might make 100 construction jobs as well as 120 other places in local business and project management system companies throughout the entire year, and earn money. He explained how they generally have a percentage of each dollar of the money they put into events, anticipating approximately 10.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is renowned worldwide. Taupo-nui-a-Tia College’s mind woman, Chloe Jaques, obtained more than she bargained for when she took up play for a Year 12 student in 2016. Her route’s taken her from engaging in one of their school’s entrances in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival to linking the Young Shakespeare Company on a visit to examine the Globe Theatre in London.

She explained that when she was informed about her choice to the Young Shakespeare Company, she believed they had the wrong person. National Shakespeare Schools Generation is a contest where students behave in brief scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, all gunning for the chance to be chosen to go to London and attend Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Here they will use specialist play actors to construct abilities in the performing arts. On the yearlong excursion the team will be assigned a Globe manager to work with on a Shakespeare play that they will perform at the Globe. They’ll tour Stratford-upon-Avon, with performances, workshops and rehearsals, some as accompaniments to museum art and design exhibitions.

Chloe’s choice for the Young Shakespeare Company has been unexpected given the 17-year-old initially only took play at college for a plan B. She stated play initially was a fill-in topic, but based on her 14-year history in classical and contemporary dance, drama instructor Vivienne Gowdy suggested she’d fit in.

“So taking drama was a bit of a fluke.” For Chloe, The excursion opens the world of acting and Shakespeare on an global scale. While working together with some exceptionally enthusiastic and generous individuals, Chloe is working hard on her trade, since Shakespeare’s Globe anticipates the very best. As a kid, Chloe maintained she was totally terrified of acting. “Ask me to recite a monologue and I would run screaming “. As a confidence booster, she chose to combine Zenith, Taupo-nui-a-Tia College’s speech club when she started high school.

Chloe abandoned Taupo last Friday to start her trip to the United Kingdom. She chose to take this chance since it’s only a once in a lifetime experience. She’ll gain abilities, experiences, along with buddies I will cherish for the rest of my life and that I certainly can’t wait. Chloe will be combined on the Young Shakespeare Company excursion to London by Tauhara College pupil Monique Doig.

Shoeaholic’s Guide To Online Shopping

Shoeaholic’s Guide To Online Shopping

Shoe addiction is really a thing. Whilst an increasing collection in a cupboard and diminishing space on the floor-drobe is the greatest giveaway, Urban Dictionary defines a shoeaholic as someone who “owns over 60 pairs of shoes” which from a shoeaholic’s point of view, isn’t actually that much.

Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s shoe-drobe? She seriously has a walk-in-robe but just for shoes; let’s not even begin to think about the size of her wardrobe for clothes. Let’s be honest though, we are jealous, a shoe-drobe is a shoeaholic’s dream and Kim isn’t the only culprit, there is a plethora of digital content available filled with celebrities, digital influence, Instagram celebrities, vloggers and bloggers who are addicted to shoes. You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Alas, here are some of the best tips the internet has to offer on the best way to grow your shoe-drobe without damaging your budget, all from the comfort of your own home in this age of being able to purchase cheap shoes online.

Before we get going with our tips, let’s clear up one thing; a cheap pair of women’s shoes isn’t always something of awful quality. Cheap shoes can mean purchasing quality goods on sale, making the proper choices by avoiding impulse buys and essentially, being a super-savvy shopper.

For instance, a twenty dollar pair of sandals that falls apart after one wear isn’t a win. However, a twenty dollar pair of sandals you find available in the previous seasons sale section is. By practising efficient shopping methods you can save money in the long Term, letting you purchase the upcoming must-have pair.

Shop strategically

We all want the Manolo’s but do we actually need the Manolo’s and can you truly afford them? Brands such as Tony Bianco, Siren and Diavolina as well as retailers such as ASOS and Topshop bring out new styles each season mimicking the big designers and trends straight from the runway. They’re of excellent quality and affordable, shop the look for a fraction of the price of the real deal.

Have a list and budget

Sticking to your budget and acknowledging what you need are crucial aspects. Write down exactly what your shoe collection is missing and how much you can afford each month/week/day. Here’s the deal, you have got to adhere to it. We’re not saying the occasional pair of heels you adore should be passed by, but stick to your plan for the most part, don’t spend more than you would of just to get the same day online delivery service.

Don’t impulse buy

Sure, they are cheap but in the long term having shoes you do not wear or need will add up and waste that precious shoe-drobe space you so desperately need.

Make sure you know your size

Place a piece of paper on the floor, trace your foot and measure the width and length. If you’re a first time buyer from a certain brand or merchant check these against the size manuals to make an informed decision, sizing standards are only a guide; you may be a size 7 in one store and a size 8 in another.

Don’t buy the first pair you see

The internet is your oyster; the internet is full of web page content answering all the questions you could possibly have about a particular pair of shoes. It pays to compare and research between retailers and you might find a comparable style at a more affordable price.

Keep an eye on sale times

Mark on your calendar the popular sales times so you can make sure you are on top of them, the ones we all know include the end of financial year sales, Black Friday sales, Boxing day sales (which last until New Years by the way), the four-times annually mid-season sales to name a few.

Save on shipping – buy in bulk

If you are buying from an international retailer that charges large amounts for delivery, rally your girlfriends together and process an order together to take advantage of the online delivery. Websites like ASOS, Nasty Gal and Topshop have free shipping over a certain amount, but a lot don’t. You do not want to find your dream set of shoes available only to be struck with a shipping cost that is more than the shoes themselves.

Loyalty cards and subscriptions

Be in the loop with retailers, subscribe to newsletters and be the first to know about promotions, discounts and sales. Another source is other girls. Ask your friends to tell you the next time they hear of a flash sale, and return the favour when you are in the know.

Discount codes

Shop using codes and coupons, having an online store wish list a part of the savvy-shopper material we were talking about earlier. Build your dream wish lists of online shoes and then sit tight. Keep on top of coupon codes right and be sure to add them to your shopping cart if something comes up.

Purchase on credit

Purchase your shoes using a credit card that provides a cash-back percentage. Some loyalty and credit cards offer savings on your purchases. The David Jones Platinum Card offers free Priority delivery among other perks. Topshop has a loyalty card offering 5 pounds off a purchase over 50 pounds. It May not seem like a lot but if you are a shoeaholic, you are winning in the long run. To take advantage of credit savings, you need to pay back your card on time of course.

And there you have it, get on the net and shop smart using these tips.

Tourists Are Putting Florence On the Map

Tourists Are Putting Florence On the Map

This gem of a city located in Italy is a paradise for art lovers, historians, foodies, and fashion connoisseurs.

Housing over a million works of Renaissance art and a lively shopping scene, the Italian town of Florence has been voted the greatest city in Europe by travellers in this season’s Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards, taking the number one spot in the class for the tenth time in the past eleven years, and it’s clear that tourists are really putting the city on the map for hot travel destinations, with a growing increase in tourism to the city.

Numerous cities were rated by Travel and Leisure readers based on many different factors including areas such as the destination’s landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value.

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance is swarming with famed artworks which range from Michelangelo’s “David” to “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, and of course its collection of classical sights that have the famed Gothic Cathedral such as the likes of Santa Maria del Fiore, better called the Duomo. The historical structures and artwork of Florence is complimented with tradition of the areas works in fashion and leather items such as leather ankle boots.

Fun Things to Do in Florence

An “open-air museum,” as the town’s tourism site calls it, Florence is dotted with towering cathedrals and a community of museums that collectively incorporate the best concentration of artworks in all of Italy, and among the greatest in the world.

Aside from its historical offerings, Florence is also famous as the birthplace of some of fashion’s most noted names, including the likes of Gucci, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, and the Ferragamos.

Head to sights such as the Museo Ferragamo, where you could see where Salvatore Ferragamo first set up shop and browse through some 10,000 pairs of men’s and women’s shoes which make up the museum’s permanent collection.

When it’s time to search for some shoes for yourself, visit places such as Oltrarno, on the Southbank of the Arno River, where you will discover a range of craft studios specializing in wood products, jewellery, and metal vases. In San Frediano, a locality in Oltrarno’s west end, you will discover traditional offerings such as hand-wrought silverware, hand-made shoes of quality incomparable to shoes online, and antique glassware.

Florence is also home to a buzzing food arena, where you can sample everything from fresh mozzarella and pasta, to bread and elaborate chocolates and pastries at places like the Mercato Centrale.

If you would like to try your hand in cooking Italian specialties, visit Desinare, where you are able to take cooking classes that will teach you how you can prepare delicacies such as hand-rolled ricotta and spinach ravioli and desserts like the famous tiramisu, with wine pairings and a class on food photography contained in the mix, you’ll be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Heading to Florence also offers you access to the Tuscan countryside, where you can enjoy your days sampling Chianti wines amidst a lush natural landscape. There are plenty of day tours available from Florence that will take you around on a guided tour and bring you back to Florence at the end of the day, of course there is also the option to stay in Tuscany as well.

Tourism Developments in Portugal

Tourism Developments in Portugal

The travel market in Portugal has been buzzing lately with hotel openings, new tours highlighting a few of the nation’s historical and cultural sites, and added flights to this area.

The Southern European state, which is situated on the Iberian Peninsula on the border of Spain, saw a record number of visitors in 2016 according to Eurostat, reporting that occupancy rates of tourist organizations were up 1.7 percent from 2015, taking numbers to 60.6 million travellers. Next in line was France (up 4.6 percent to 395 million), the UK (up 4.5 percent to 292 million) and Germany (up 2.8 percent to 390 million).

In answer to the growing interest in travel to the nation, many tour operators have introduced new itineraries to their collection of offerings. Tauck recently launched the eight-day “A week in Portugal” itinerary as part of its series of European territory tours for 2017.

The traveller’s journey from Porto to Lisbon allows them to see seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with restaurant and winery spots, wine cellars, historical monasteries and churches, palaces and castles. A stop at Porto includes a two-night stop at the Freixo Palace Hotel, a restored 18th-century rococo palace.

Additional stops include Coimbra and the 700-year- aged university found there, and after, travelers have the chance to look at a historical 13th-century monastery at Alcobaça, before reaching Monte Real where they will spend a night in the Palace Hotel Monte Real, topped off with a meal from the hotels’ boutique breakfast restaurant. There are opportunities for a wine country visit to the Herdade do Esporao winery, wine tasting and freshly prepared meals will also be included, in addition to a walk-through of the 500-year- aged Jerónimos Monastery and a personal tour and dinner in Palacio de Queluz, an 18th-century royal retreat.

Also seeing a rise in popularity of its Portugal trip is Intrepid Travel, with its eight-day “Real Food Adventure – Galicia & Portugal” itinerary. The excursion begins in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of northwest Spain’s Galicia place and travels to Porto, where guests take a ferry ride to a seafood market, then get involved in a Galician cooking class and lunch. Additionally, while in Porto, travelers participate in a guided food wander through Mercado do Bolhao to sample exquisite European food including bacalhau, a Portuguese fish dish.

Other activities include a full-day tour of the Douro Valley with visits to two wineries, a tour of an Alentejo distillery and little cheese-making facility along with a stop in the Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon to sample local beverages and dishes like ginjinha, a Portuguese wild cherry liqueur.

This trip through Spain and Portugal is fit for families with kids that are teenaged or old. Everyone can enjoy watching a medieval fortress in the center of cosmopolitan Lisbon and the parents can finish the day with a port tasting in Porto. There is also enough free time  in the itinerary to allow room to look around.

Foodies travelling to Portugal also have many new tours to select from with The global Kitchen, an operator specializing in culinary excursions and courses throughout Europe and overseas. The global Kitchen released three new seven-day itineraries: “Delectable Portugal in Historic Evora”, “Walking and Cooking in Portugal” and “Discovering Western Portugal”.

The Seven-day “Discovering Western Portugal” tour starts in Lisbon and includes a stop in Porto, the medieval city of Óbido and up to Arcos de Valdevez. Later, guests return south to see Braga, a city with numerous architectural and religious websites.

The “Delectable Portugal in Historic Evora” tour, which takes travelers through the smaller city named a UNESCO world heritage site. The itinerary is suitable for anybody wanting to learn more about Portugal’s culture and the contemporary lifestyle in the southern Alentejo area.

Meanwhile, the “Cooking and Walking in Portugal” guided tour travels via Porto and Braga and includes visits to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Guests will take cooking courses, go on walking tours, hike trails and learn about the area’s famous Port wine. Travelers also have an opportunity to try regional specialties throughout their trip like grilled sardines along the shore or Black pig of the rural Alentejo region, where the half-wild pigs are free to forage for acorns.

The “Cooking and Walking in Portugal” tour is priced at $1,850 per person for two-to-three folks, while “Delectable Portugal at Historic Evora” is priced at $2,775 and “Discovering Western Portugal” is priced at $2,200.

In hotel news, Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel newly opened in the nation’s capital, just off Avenida da Liberdade. The hotel, formerly Tivoli Jardim Hotel, has undergone a $1.6 million refurbishment including a redesigned entryway, upgraded guest rooms, lobby, and reception area, the installation of the AVANIFIT gym and the relaunch of the resort’s Olivier Restaurant.

All 119 Of Avani’s standard, premier, deluxe and family rooms are updated with a modern style with shades of plum, black and white. Newly added modern comforts include a Nespresso coffee-maker, satellite television, mini-bar and high-speed Wi-Fi. All the resort’s standard, deluxe and family rooms have balconies while standard rooms have garden views.

The neighbouring Palacete Conference and Events Center provides three floors of event space with a capacity for up to 260 people, and facilities for catering to functions. The ground floor has a large reception area, the first floor offers three function rooms and the top floor houses a boardroom with its own foyer and lift access.

The hotel also relaunched the Olivier Restaurant which provides ingredient-focused food with a strong Portuguese influence. New décor includes hardwood floors, new furnishings, suede upholstery, wallpaper and mosaic tiles. Additionally, an outdoor terrace surrounded by olive and ficus trees provides alfresco seating.

Also new on the scene is Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort. The resort underwent rebranding earlier this season, together with its sister property, Tivoli, with upgrades including new décor, the inclusion of family suites, a spa and Anantara’s Dining by Design program.

Portugal has a lot to offer and with these luxury hotels available who could say no!

4 Tips for Building your Dream Home

4 Tips for Building your Dream Home

home, building, insurance, rennovationCreating your house from the ground up can be an exceptionally satisfying experience. It offers you the chance to customize your home and interior decorating to fit your tastes and suit your family’s lifestyle, both now and in the future. However, as anybody who has built a home can tell you, it can likewise be a greatly demanding and tough procedure.

Developing a house does not need to be a gruelling procedure, however. Entering into the procedure with your eyes open and with a building strategy can conserve you distress along the way.

I’ve seen plenty of mistakes throughout the years such as friends forgetting to get home indemnity insurance when building in Western Australia to really simple things like forgetting to organise a water and electricity supply.

On the basis of this, here are my top 4 pointers for a pain-free dream house building procedure.

1. Know exactly what you’re entitled to

If you’re constructing your very first house, you could be entitled to a First Home-owners Grant (FHOG), depending on the state or area where you live. This might considerably balance out the expense of your house.

Similarly, depending upon your state or area, you might be qualified for stamp duty concessions on the purchase of your building lot.

2. Interact continuously

Throughout the procedure, interact regularly with your residential interior designs contractor and tradespersons. Get routine updates on the development of building, and check in yourself. It’s a smart idea to take images of the development regularly so you can record any issues.

Do not hesitate to hold your line. If your contractor, specialist or tradesperson inform you something cannot be done, push back. It may cost you additional, however chances are with the correct amount of effort you can achieve your vision. It is often worthwhile to demand information that is very important to you. After all, you’re the one who needs to reside in the finished house.

With excellent interaction, however, you ought to have the ability to prevent arguments throughout the building procedure. If you have plainly set out exactly what you desire and the information that you view as non-negotiable, building will run much smoother and there won’t be a future plumbing emergency.

3. Budget for more than you anticipate

backyard, add-on. buildingNo matter how much you believe the building procedure is most likely to cost, it’s most likely to cost more. There could be any variety of products that aren’t considered in the quote your contractor o ffers you. For example, your home builder is not likely to consider expenses such as electrical and gas metres, NBN connections or window coverings. Products such as landscaping and outside concreting, fences and gates, decking and letterboxes may likewise not be consisted of on the quote. These add-on expenses can especially run over if you need to include equipment such as crane hire for add-on installations such as slab cranes. These are referred to as ending up expenses, and might run anywhere from 15-25% of your budget plan.

You’ll likewise have to consider site expenses, which are the expenses related to preparing your site for building, and you might likewise need to allocate extra spend for preparing application costs.

In addition to add-ons you may not have thought about, you have to budget for unexpected situations. For example, you may desire the luxury of altering your mind provided any of the fittings or products do not match your expectations.

4. Search for methods to reduce the cost

Developing a house is going to be a pricey procedure, and as we discussed above, it’s most likely you’ll wind up paying more than you prepared for. That being stated, there are methods you can apply to save. Look around for the very best rates on fittings and components, and on the products your contractor will utilize. Get numerous quotes for any product required throughout the building procedure.

You can likewise conserve cash at the outset of the procedure by selecting a site that takes less preparation. Transporting off dirt, eliminating rocks or clearing brush can wind up being pricey. Choosing a lot that requires little preparation prior to building and hot water service repairs commence can reduce these expenses.

It is important to note however that while you should try to save always make sure your builder is certified and has the relevant coverage as warranty insurance for builders is not compulsory in all states and can leave you vulnerable to greater costs further down the line

Renting a RV for Travel

Renting a RV for Travel

When you price a new RV be sitting down. Unless you are very rich or kin to the president, you can’t afford to buy one. A more sensible choice would be to rent a RV if you are only planning a trip across the country. But if you plan on living it, well that would be a high priced small cottage. Maybe that why they are called RV (recreational vehicle).

You will find that you will have all the comforts of home and then some when you rent a motorhome for your trip whether it is a long or short journey. If you are driving you will experience the difference in the driver’s seat. It will feel as if you are sitting in your recliner at home. The seats are more comfortable than seats in an automobile. They are designed more like the big trucks with air cushion seats to support your body while you are driving down the road. You will not have to worry about a stiff back.

Renting a RV is as easy to rent a car. There are dealers in almost every area that rent these vehicles for your pleasure. You can choose from many different models and rent the best one that is suitable for you and your family. Be sure you reserve your RV in advance because these vehicles usually get reserved months in advance and you want to make sure that you get the one that you want.

There will be a flat fee per day for just renting the vehicle than a fee for mileage. This means that you will be charged a certain amount per mile driven while you are renting it. In usually this is like 15 to 35 cents a mile. This is added to your bill at the end of the contract. I don’t think you’ll find a place that eliminates this charge and only charges for the rental, but if you do then you are looking at a great deal and you should not pass that one up.

When you return the RV, it is expected to see if any damage has been done to the vehicle. It must be in the same shape it was when you rented it. This brings up a good point. When you rent the RV, be sure you walk around it with the rental employee and check for scrapes or dents. Make sure everything is logged on your copy of the contract. Also, you need the insurance they offer. It will cover any accidents you may have. If you don’t have the insurance you will have to pay for any new scrapes or dents.

If you are traveling, renting an RV is the way to go. You will be comfortable and you will not have to worry about the wear and tear on your own personal vehicle. Most important renting is much cheaper than buying in this case.