Top 5 School Holiday Activities For Sydney Kids

The holidays are the most awaited time of the year for the students of Sydney as summer or winter holidays stay for long. The holidays are the time when kids love to do new and creative things. It becomes necessary for the parents to plan and arrange different activities for the kids to utilize the free time of the kids and give them a memorable experience. Indoor games and learning activities are great for the development of the kinds, which are preferred by most of the parents. Still, it is worth noting that these activities aren’t sufficient for your kids unless you arrange some adventures and exciting outings for them. The reason behind that is the students are outgoing and love to visit new places or experience something new. These holiday activities leave a significant impact on the kind and enhance their knowledge over the break. So are you as excited as we are for the holidays now? Check the school term calendar for when you can plan your awesome days out with your kids this year. 


The best activities for the kids of Sydney during the holidays

Along with the indoor activities, plan some outdoor activities for the kids as well for better productivity. 

The best place to entertain the kinds of Sydney is an Adventure Park because the little ones love to play with water in summer. A popular park for families is Sydney’s Manly Surf n’ Slide Park. The best choice for waterside fun as this park has rides for the kids, fun water slides, Ferris wheel for the families, mini-golf, archery, paddle boat, grand carousel, water jets and many other fun activities. These cool waterpark activities are the best way to refresh your kids and give them a summer they won’t forget. 

The best activity to educate your kind about the animals and wildlife is to take them to the Open Range Zoo known as Taronga Western Plains Zoo about 6 hours away from the heart of Sydney. In this way, the kid will get to know about some new animal about which they have never seen. Along with finding out about new animals, they will come to know about the lives of these animals and what makes each one unique. Try to tell your kids about the specific features of the animals to make it a learning experience for the kids. 

The seaside or the beaches are the best places to spend some time in the summer holidays. The Marley beach and Bondi Beach in Sydney are suitable beaches for the kids to swim sunbath and water surf. These are some spots around beaches where the kids can enjoy fishing as well. The kid can make mud crafts and can collect shells from the seashore that can develop the habit of collecting things, which is a healthy activity for the kids. 

Another fun activity for the whole family in the holidays can be gardening, as this is good to teach them about the importance of plants and why they are essential for life on earth. Its activity can be a little dirty, but all fair play as it is summertime, so let them enjoy their days carefree. Tell them about the process of planning a plant and the ways to take care of the plants and flowers. Engage them in the gardening throughout their summer vacations.

javascript code in atomIf your kid is not a fan of the outdoors, there are also indoor school holiday programs running. Particularly, coding camps funded by the government, with student internships for university students to teach your little ones new puzzle-solving and logic skills. There’s no better way to engage your child’s brilliant mind by showing them the magic of technology.


Pay an adventurous visit to the city on bicycles. There’s nothing like a good bike ride together. Touring the Sydney city on a bicycle will help the young ones explore and know more about it all the while keeping them fit and active all day.

All these activities mentioned above can make your holidays a memorable experience. If you’re, however, going to be busy, you can find and send a Sydney nanny to accompany your children on their outings this summer. The nanny can take photos and make collages with the kids to come out the holidays with an album of awesome experiences.

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