Team Building Activities For A Business

Businesses live and breathe because of their employees. Without the extraordinary talents of these hardworking people, it would be impossible to reach success. But there comes a time where productivity starts to diminish. Putting it in Layman’s terms, momentum lapses as time goes by. The longer somebody stays in a company, the more motivation reduces at a significant rate. This results in a plateau, where efficiency, creativity, and productivity halt. In order to prevent this from occurring, team building is encouraged and is often one of the key approaches business management consultants use to address motivation. Here are some activities that could help a business team to remain driven.

Office Trivia

Office trivia benefits those who are new to the team. Divide participants into groups, making sure you combine the old, experienced employees with the new, fresh members. While this is helpful as an icebreaker, this tandem instantly facilitates bonding. You can do this at in-office parties, or in a team-building retreat or outing, such as a team-building high ropes course in Victoria or an office trip to a winery in Adelaide. 


This not only accounts for a team player’s physical capacity, but also their psychological drive to win. It’s great for business development teams as it exercises their sales planning skills. As the teams work together in each task, they develop social skills on how to communicate ideas, encouragement, and strategies, much like how they would at work. Except it is in a different setting. Team leaders may be identified from these activities. And your team would become aware of their differences. To win, they have to accept these along with their strengths and weaknesses to be able to work around this.


You know that a team building session went well if your employees learned a thing or two about leadership and working together. A cook-off encourages all of this in addition to creativity, presentation and learning a thing or two about their officemates. Cooking speaks a lot about a person’s culture, heritage, and tradition. It is also a talent that is rarely shared but is quite impressive. So, in a cook-off, your employees get to learn a lot of things about each other. Traits like being family-oriented, hardworking and patient are the ones that arise most commonly. These are essential soft skills that could be used now and then at work. There’s a lot of benefits your company can get from a cook-off. Besides the fact that they learn to work together, you are sure to have an improved set of employees after. It’s a whole lot different than any usual team-building activity. Since you all enjoy the food afterwards, in that regard, everybody is a winner.

War games

This may be with the use of paintballs or pellets. This is another kind of game that will push your employees into applying their strategic abilities. This may be applied to however big your team is. They just have to be divided into two groups. Whichever team emerges with the most members still standing (meaning not shot), they are crowned as the winning team. You may need to hide, crawl, attack, take a risk and cover somebody when going across the field to put an opponent down. So it’s a play of honesty, sportsmanship, dexterity and stealth mode. For sure, your employees will not just have fun, but also will be working with each other more comfortably as they come back to the office first thing Monday.

All of these suggestions will renew your team, whether you end up choosing a flying fox park or cooking. Because of these fun and exciting team-building activities, the work-life balance gets restored. It’s good to have something to do and share besides work tasks. Also, it extracts social skills from each employee. Once established, their working relationships become sturdier for the long haul.

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