The most luxurious meals in Hobart

According to Numbeo, the average price of a meal at a restaurant in Hobart is around AUD$ 17.00. While this is quite a modest number, it does not mean that there isn’t plenty of more ‘luxurious’ options for any foodies visiting the city. In fact, Hobart – and Tasmania in general – has developed quite a reputation for fine dining. As such, many of the more luxurious menu options far exceed the $17 price tag.

If you are planning a special occasion or just looking to splash out every once and awhile, here are our picks for the most luxurious meals in Hobart:

  1. ‘Diane’ AUD$ 69

An eye fillet steak served at The Point Revolving Restaurant. This restaurant has been serving fine-dining French food in the heart of Hobart for more than 40 years. Cooked at your table, flambe style, your food is served with Dauphine potatoes with thyme and green beans and speck. Enjoy all this while taking in a 360° panoramic view of the Mount Wellington, Tasman Bridge and the beautiful River Derwent. If you want ‘Diane’ to come with a drink, the 2003 Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon Rosé Épernay, priced at AUD$ 730/bottle, is the most expensive they have.  

  1. Sirloin on the bone AUD $65

This unbelievable steak is dry aged for 35 days before being offered for dinner. This results in a unique and delicious flavour that is hard to beat. Find this at the Old Wharf Restaurant, this is one of the best dinner options in Hobart. With a serving size of 400g, you won’t go hungry. It may be a good idea to book one of Hobart’s free walking tours to work this meal off!

  1. 3-course dinner meals  – with an entrée, main and dessert AUD$ 89 

From the same restaurant, entrée choices include braised pork belly, mustard, lentil salad, beetroot Carnaroli Risotto, and salted grapes, just to name a few of the unique flavors on offer. Choices for the Main Dishes include local fish, eye fillet – Diane style (in smaller grams), Quail Breast and Honey Glazed Duck Breast. To finish, crème brulee, buckwheat pastry, and warm chocolate brownies are on offer for dessert. 

  1. Seven Hour Duck Leg AUD$ 42

A lavish meal that fuses flavours of honey, soy and ginger. Garnished with apple, parsley and pickles, the richness in flavor, freshness of the ingredients and melt-in-your-mouth duck meat will win over the toughest of critics. While the serving is not huge, the taste and experience is such that you cannot help but be impressed by this meal. Experience this at New Sydney Hotel which is located at 87 Bathurst St., Hobart, Tasmania.

  1. Salt Baked Flathead AUD$ 40

While the whole flathead is the main event, the pickled broccoli and potato salad it is served with certainly don’t disappoint either. While a white wine is perhaps the best option to pair with this dish, it is also hard to go past the Shiraz The Kitchen of New Sydney Hotel offers, with a bottle of Reynella Basket Press setting you back AUD$ 72

  1. Smoked 300g Wagyu Rump AUD$ 38

This wagyu beef, in all its glory, is smoked in-house to achieve an unmistakably rich, juicy and tender flavour. It comes served with pickles, beets, a crunchy salad, and of course, a blue cheese mousse! Cooked to your liking, from rare to well done.

  1. Tasmanian Octopus AUD$ 37

Another main dish of New Sydney Hotel is the Tasmanian Octopus. Freshly prepared with artichokes, macadamia nuts, kale and lemon myrtle pesto this is a truly uniquely flavoured dish.

  1. Grilled 300g Angus Scotch AUD$ 36

The Brick Factory, a modern Australian pub located at 55 Salamanca Place in Hobart offers this delicious scotch steak. This comes with chips, seasonal veggies and a choice of sauce. Don’t miss the live bands, playing here most weekends! 

  1. Bruny Island Oyster’s Natural AUD$ 36

Here, you get 12 serves of this deliciously savory oyster. Complimented with salsa and dipping sauce this is truly the most luxurious meal offered by Fish Frenzy. Famous for the classic fish and chips, freshly-grilled seafood and seafood chowder, it also offers a great seaside view. Located at Pier 4, Elizabeth Street, on Franklin Wharf, it is best to visit when you can experience their food as you take in the calming sea breeze. 

  1. Pizzaiola AUD$ 37.50

A meal that consists of pan-fried scaloppine in tomato wine sauce with capers, bell peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, garlic, oregano and served with seasoned vegetables. Scaloppine (veal) is an Italian slice of meat, cut thinly and usually sautéed or fried.
Scaloppine is the pride of the number 1 restaurant in Hobart, Ristorante De Angelo which has served authentic Italian pasta, pizza and many more since 1994.

  1. Pure-bred Wagyu Eye Fillet (200g) from Robbins Island AUD$ 88

With a marble score of +7, this comes with gem lettuce and the choice of: mustard, Café de Paris, Béarnaise, Grilled Onion, Pepperberry and Cognac, and Cabernet jus. This is the most luxurious option on Landscape Restaurant and Grill’s menu. This restaurant was also the winner of the John Glover Prize, which  is displayed in its private dining area.

Landscape Restaurant and Grill also offers the following: 

The Angus Scotch Fillet (300g) from Cape Grim costs AUD$ 48

The Eye Fillet (300g) also from Cape Grim is AUD$ 45

A simple Eye Fillet (250g) from Cape Grim is AUD$ 45 

Rib Eye (400g) from Cape Grim is AUD$ 58

The T-Bone (650g) from Cape Grim, AUD$ 58

Sirloin on the Bone (400g), dried for 35 days to age is AUD$ 55

All of these are grass fed except for Wagyu/cross-Scotch Fillet from Rangers Valley, New South Wales with a marble score of +5 is priced at AUD$ 68 which is grain fed.  

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