Cigar experience over cigarette

Although the pace of smoking has been increasing, most men and women still like tobacco.

In tobacco, cigars are more popular than cigarettes with men because of the pleasure brought by its fragrance. It was Columbus who brought cigars back to Europe for the Spanish royal family very early. People who are cigar fans, know that when enjoying cigars peacefully, your soul also sublimates and settles with the fog of cigar. It is a known fact that smoking cigars is a pursuit of status and quality of life.

Reward yourself

There is no doubt that for true cigar fans, cigars are a reward for themselves. Many people have regarded cigars as a symbol of power and majesty. In Cuba, the country of cigars, there is a saying: “I feel like the king of the world when I enjoy a cigar. “What is more suitable than the satisfaction of a king to reward yourself when you are in a good mood? And even in a bad mood, a cigar would do the work of changing that for you.

Cigarettes are considered harmful by many, and regular usage often causes health complications. Whereas cigars are a natural alternative, and no cigar smokers ever inhale the smoke. Mature men choose cigars to reward themselves. It’s because a cigar soaked in the sun and rain is like red wine. With the mellow quality, it brings people a rich fragrance and a lasting aftertaste. Cigarettes don’t smell great; we all know that. And the after smell is always around the chain-smokers.

A Frenchman once praised cigars as one of the supreme enjoyments. A famous analogy has been popular among cigar fans: For men, cigars are more like lovers. This is because a man holding a cigar is like carrying a charming female companion. It can’t win your envious eyes and give you more comfort and thoughtfulness that belongs only to you. Cigars have been associated with royal personalities, but cigarettes are a common choice of many. A good cigar would depend on the flavor. The Cuban cigar is considered most appealing by people around the world.

Cuban Cigar
Lady with a Cuban cigar

Introspection and relaxation

Cigarettes are used when people are stressed. Whereas Cigar is more associated with the relaxation. The pleasure of cigars is far more than just the senses. What really fascinates many enthusiasts is the cigar smoking time alone with oneself. The media once summarized the six characteristics of men who like to smoke cigars: Mature, rich, refined, calm, able to enjoy loneliness, and cherish friendship.

To use the living words of a cigar fan: “This is a pause.” Think about some issues that have nothing to do with material desire and utility. Cigar smoking is a peaceful activity; people sit down for a smoke comfortably. It is considered as a process of meditation and not just a process of experiencing the joy of using a cigar

Anyone who knows how to enjoy cigars understands that cigars are not inhaled into the lungs like cigarettes. In between warm and inhaling, the taste of the cigar stays in the mouth. Let the smoke surround you again. You can often feel a pleasant “trance”. This is the best moment for you to think carefully. A cigar humidor helps monitor humidity levels and keep your cigars intact. Sharing or enjoying a cigar alone is considered a wonderful thing. However, when cigars become a common hobby amongst friends they become a topic of discussion.

It was also concluded that most people who smoke cigars are generous. People who have never met can often become friends because of cigars.


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