Sports That Adrenaline Junkies Should Try

There’s something about being daring that makes our blood flow. Mysteriously, it results in a youthful and driven feeling. It must be the surge of adrenaline igniting us that renews us. But whether it’s about proving yourself capable, or having renewed strength, it certainly makes you feel alive.
Could adrenaline be the elixir of life? Perhaps. If it is, here are some of the sports that adrenaline junkies should try!


Take rock climbing up a notch by removing the safety lines and ropes, and you have bouldering. The climb does not usually go higher than 6 feet. It’s a good workout and a super fun challenge for your entire physique since you deal with angled cliffs rather than height. The ultimate challenge comes in when you have to find which small rock to grip next. Combining it with your mental willingness and flexibility, you are required to make a jump to move on. Also, it doesn’t just develop your physical strength, but it also strengthens your mentality. Your hand-eye coordination gets sharp, and your problem-solving capacity is enhanced. Since it is an outdoor sport, you get a good dose of vitamin D too, aiding your Calcium absorption. Lastly, the highest achievement comes from conquering your fears. If this is too intense for your athletic ability, an alternative would be to go to a flying fox park. 

White water rafting

This is one of the most exciting water-based sports as it literally, “goes with the flow”. It is an outdoor recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate rough waters. What makes it quite extreme is the risk that comes with the unpredictable current involved. If you have a great team to work with you, including a veteran guide, you’re up for an experience of a lifetime.


Extreme experiences are not limited only to land and water, but also in the air. Paragliding, a recreational and competitive adventure, gives you a high like no other. While bungee jumping, cliff jumping, B.A.S.E. jumping, and sky diving take away the element of being suspended on air, paragliding satisfies your ultimate dream of flying. Since it does not use any engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and may cover hundreds of kilometres, giving you a view that will take your breath away. If paragliding is too extreme, try a treetop zip line.


Winter should not stop you from having fun! Snowboarding is a recreational activity and Winter Olympic and Paralympic sport, which involves riding a snowboard. It’s similar to skateboarding. The challenge comes when you snowboard instead of skateboard down the snow-covered slope with your feet strapped in. Standing on it may be alright, but as it moves down faster and faster, you have to stand and balance yourself. It’s hard at first, but it gives an exhilarating experience. If you know how to sled, surf and ski, you may have an edge in your first session of snowboarding.

Mountain Biking

Biking may be simple. Doing so off-road, however, and on unpaved tracks can prove difficult. Mountain biking is rough and takes place on a much more resistant terrain. It challenges a bike rider’s entire physique, endurance, balance, bike-handling capabilities, and capacity for strategy. While the Olympic sport demands much from the rider, it gives beautiful scenery, a surge of accomplishment and core strength in exchange. There are different kinds of mountain biking that adventure seekers go for, depending on the thrill they would like. They may do cross-country for a less intensive workout. Those who want to activate their grip to life may take advanced trails. These are designed with jumps, drop-offs and downhill biking. Visit ski resorts that stay open in the summer for specific trails.
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